Thursday, June 9, 2016

We Did a Thing

It's called the Korean Wave for a reason, and I am drenched. In fact, I am happily drowning in it. Gulping down The Wave, and becoming quite bloated from all the K-Awesomeness! Daebak! I enjoy this experience SO much, I have dragged friends and family into the waters with me and a few of them would be willing to surf that Korean Wave all the way back to South Korea with me. And this process of taking friends who have doubtingly trusted me, and watching them also fall in love with this new found genre of entertainment, I started affectionately calling it K-onversion.

And probably the most important person for me to Konvert was my sister, Suey.  We have SO MANY shared passions it is almost eerie, and there was no way she was going to remain unaffected by my new obsession. I introduced her to Kdramas at Christmas time, and shortly after that Kpop. And since January we have talked of little else. Like I said, happily drowning in the Korean Wave here. Also when I say we have talked of little else, it's not that we aren't talking to each other, in fact, we basically have a constant running dialogue all day consisting of songs, music videos, fangirling, reactions, and kpop thoughts for the past five months. It's pretty much the best thing ever. (And work and adult responsibilities so annoyingly get in the way of this constant Kpop Party, it's the worst.)

After about a year of wanting to do a vlog together, but not knowing what to do, we finally found something that we can talk about FOREVER. One week after thinking about it, we decided we would do this thing.... We started a Youtube channel. This very fun, exciting, scary, intimidating thing. We did it. And we both drug others into it. I recruited my dear friend and fellow kpopper, Ryn, and Suey pulled in her daughter, Toto.... and together, we are the Kpop Konverters!!! Jinjja!

Now after a little over a month of doing this thing, we decided it was time to come at least a little public... Like we are totally okay with strangers watching us, but for whatever reason it is super scary letting people closest to us know that we did this... What is with that??? And why do we care when this Kpop Kraziness makes us happy and enjoy life that much more??? I have decided, I don't. Because I love it, it makes me happy, and given the opportunity and time, I'd like to K-onvert you.
So jump on in with us, the water is great, the guys are fine, the music is fun, and the fangirls are crazy. And have fun Catching the Korean Wave! ;)

Here is one of my favorites we have done so far, talking about the group Got7.

Then here is a mashup of something you might be familiar with and G-Dragon's song, Crayon. This is what came to mind every time I listen to this song! I'm so glad we finally made it! Good job Toto on the editing job of this, perfect! Love it so much!

Also... HAPPY SUPER JUNIOR ANNIVERSARY Suey!!!! Five months of Kpop Kraziness!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sing Along Saturday: Love, In and Out

This week’s theme is: Love – what’s your favorite song celebrating love?

Ugh... do I have to?

As a single sour spinster, I like to pretend I don't think about being love. Because, of course, I do... And it's depressing. 

But I will indulge in one song that is sweet and lovey dovey (but only to a point, don't look for saccharine sweet from me... unless you are looking for the bitter aftertaste.)

Believe it or not there was a time that I listened to other things besides Kpop, and it was only 5 months ago... I will go back to those slightly less bright days for this. 

Tom Odell, Grow Old With Me... not to be confused with Adam Sandler's Want to Grow Old With You, though I love that one too.

And now to my more loved and usual songs about love that I listen too...

Here is Lily Kershaw with Tokyo

And just loving the crazy quirky person I am...

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sing Along Saturday: Fave Song From Genre

This week’s theme is: Favorite genre – what song do you love from the genre you listen to most?

Bookish Things & More... You are joking me right... you expect me to pick one genre and one song? [Look of utter disbelief.] You might as well ask me which cell is my favorite from the part of my body I use the most. Ugh! Why is this so hard??? Jinjja! 

But if we go with the genre that I am listening to the most RIGHT NOW, well all I can say is, you asked for it... BUT can I pick one??? 

[Maniacal laughter] 

No. Lower your expectations when it comes to my decision making skills. 

Shall we start with the cutesy one that I have been listening to lots this week... 
I just love this one SO MUCH. It's adorable, they are adorable, and it makes me happy... It's like the Kpop version of Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are and it is called Just Right by Got7. 

Next up... Fire by BTS. I have been watching this video nearly nonstop today (because it's not on Spotify yet, because the album was just released.) This song just makes me want to throw down! The beat is sweet and the dance is sick! Ugh! I just can't get enough of it right now. You get the dance practice version because I love watching them just dance without all the flashiness because they're pretty LEGIT... but you can check out the real music video, it's pretty sweet too.

And we shall end with the beginning. This song is one of my favorites, well because it was the first favorite in this genre... Ah, Spy by Super Junior... the song the launched a thousand beats of my heart, which has led to my semi permanent loss of sanity. And it doesn't hurt that my men look quite dashing in this video... Nope, doesn't hurt at all. 

And there you have it... SOME of my favorite songs... Songs I left out... Superman, Mamacita, Oppa Oppa, Growing Pains, Fantastic Baby, BANG BANG BANG, Follow Me, Peter Pan, Dope, Boy in Luv, Don't Tease Me, Mama... to name JUST a few. You really have no idea... 

What are some of your favorite songs? 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Boys Over Flowers - The Addictive Catastrophe

I am not going to lie... I have been putting this review off. I just don't even know how to approach it. This drama is a complete catastrophe! The main girl is just an absolute idiot, even though she is endearingly spunky. The two main boys are like complete opposites, it doesn't even make sense that they would be friends. And really NOTHING IN THIS DRAMA MAKES SENSE!!!!! It drove me crazy while I watched it, it drives me crazy still, and yet it is utterly impossible to not complete it! It's like having to look at the car crash as you pass it on the freeway. WHY ARE WE LIKE THAT??? I don't know.

 There are going to be SPOILERS, so if you don't want to know what happens... stop now! I just don't know how to discusses without divulging details!

We start with our main girl, Jandi, she is of course poor. Extremely poor. Spunky. And independent. (Like really, do her parents do anything???) After an incident, gets a scholarship to a ritzy high school  that she could never afford to go to, full of attractive, snobbish, mean, arrogant, rich boys. And of course she doesn't fit in at all!

Then we have our boys, who are called as a group, F4. Two of these boys are the love interests. Joon Pyo is the son of the Richy Richest, who founded the school and many other successful enterprises. He is leader of this gang F4. F4 pretty much makes school life a living nightmare for all the other students, and yet the students fawn all over them... (UGH!! IT'S SO STUPID!!!) Ji Hoo is Joon Pyo's best friend, but seems to be a bit kinder than the rest.
F4: Woo Bin, Yi Jung, Joon Pyo, Ji Hoo

Well of course F4 chooses to single out Jandi for the rest of the school to terrorize because she stood up to Joon Pyo and refused to lick off his shoes when he demanded it of her... So when they throw eggs and flour at her, it's Ji Hoo who offers just the slightest bit of comfort. And each time she is attacked, he seems to be there... to offer some comfort, or to stop it, or interfere in someway that doesn't seem too much like help, but gives her enough hope that there might be kindness at this school.

But then Joon Pyo decides that he actually likes her. But Jan Di has decided to like Ji Hoo, but Ji Hoo likes an actress he has been friends with since he was a child, but the actress is moving away. So she lets Joon Pyo take her out a few times... he spoils her with gifts and vacations, but then Ji Hoo gets over his actress a little and decides he likes Jan Di too. So now Jan Di wants to date Ji Hoo, but then Joon Pyo is so mad and won't stand for it. Ji Hoo and Joon Pyo end up having a competition to see who can date Jan Di... Finally when Ji Hoo wins and they are free to date, Jan Di decides she liked Joon Pyo better and goes back to him, leaving Ji Hoo broken hearted but still a kind and loyal friend to both Jan Di and Joon Pyo. It is just the most frustrating experience ever!!! AND YET it's extremely addicting!

Best Friends

Here is why even though Joon Pyo is played by the ever attractive and amazing Lee Min Ho, I can't back this character. He is a spoiled rotten bully!!! He is manipulative and mean, with a temper that is completely unpredictable. And yes he has some really cute and tender moments... but I just can't!!!

Joon Pyo and Jan Di. Don't they make a happy couple?

Here is why I LOVE Ji Hoo. He has always been kind to her. He is always there for her when she is in trouble, even when he liked someone else, even when she liked someone else. He becomes her best friend and confidant. He is always there to comfort and console when she is sad.... and so much more.
Ji Hoo and Jan Di. Don't they make a happy couple?

So which one do you think she chooses in the end??? If my disdain for this show hasn't given you a clue, then I am not telling you...

Now having said all that, I know there are people out there that truly love this show!!! I don't know why, but they do! Some, this was their first and converting drama... I just don't understand that, but you know, it is addicting to watch the never ending drama unfold!

On a different note... it completely drives me crazy how there are hardly any adults in these kids' lives! I only remember one teacher ever being present in the high school! So basically they go to school run by students... They go on vacations with no parents and essentially lack adult supervision the entire time... AH!

And another thing that drives me crazy is that my sister Suey, is completely for Joon Pyo... AH!!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???? I am very interested to see her review on this drama...

Ah, now the show will be much better... (as far as characters go, not actors)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sing Along Saturday: Dancing Groove

What song makes me want to dance? Seriously? ALL THE SONGS!!!! I dance to everything... I dance to the sound of the ticking clock... it's called a time step! ;)  a little tap humor, HA... never mind.

But seriously, that's like asking me what makes me want to breathe. If there is music, there must be dancing! So I have to narrow it down....

Okay.... Here is one, I can't help but move to Love Runs Out by One Republic

Now, it wouldn't be right if I didn't include a Kpop song in this since that is what I am dancing to most of the time these days... I just shared what I have been dancing to all week in the my Speed post from last night, so go check out those videos there... but I got introduced to this song because of dance, and I can't hold still whenever I hear it. 2NE1's I am the Best!

And the last one that I am going to share is one that as soon as I heard it I started to choreograph it in my head (because I couldn't dance in the middle of movie in the theater...). But oh man it is fun!

Friday, April 29, 2016

SPEED - So Fast They're Already Over?

So I have continued to explore the bottomless pit of Kpop Amazingness this week, a fandom that doesn't have an exit. Something that is causing lifestyle changes that I didn't anticipate. A distraction that has consumed my free time. Entertainment that is both impressive and cultural.

And this week in my Kpop Craze Discovery, I have uncovered two groups that threaten Suju more than BTS... It is quite the feat to do so, so quickly! Let's take a moment to be impressed! (It took about a month for BTS to weasel their way into my musical affections...)

The first of these groups is SPEED.

I was first impressed with this group merely by happening upon a pin of one of their dance tricks on Pinterest.

HOLY HANNAH! How does one get brave enough to even attempt that the first time??? I don't know!!!! But I was amazed!!!! I sent the pin to my Kpop bud, Ryn and she sent me this back!

OKAY!!! Is that not impressive???? They dance in Heelys!!! Jinjja? Wow!

Sadly, that was over a month ago and I kinda just forgot about them. Until this week! I am not even sure how it happened. I think I was listening to some SHINee playlist on Youtube and a song comes on that I semi recognize. I look it up and it's SPEED. So I click on one of their dance practices. (Let it be noted that I actually prefer the dance practice versions of songs because then you get a better view of the actual choreography and skill of these guys without all the crazy camera angles and close ups. Those drive me crazy!!! Let me just watch these awesome entertainers as a whole!!!!)

And here was the dance practice I clicked on... Don't Tease Me

 OH! MY! GRAVY!!!!!!! Okay. To say that I love it, well it's understatement. I think I watched that dance 20 more times that night... three more the next morning before work, some more during my lunch hour... and you get the idea! I just love the song alone, but you put that fun choreography and those crazy tricks in there... sigh... I love it...

Here they are practicing those tricks... and where that first pin came from...

Unfortunately, SPEED is having some issues. I don't know all of it, because there isn't much info about them, but they have lost their leader and two other members. I am not sure they are coming out with any more music, which makes me utterly forlorn because I pretty much love what they have done. So they may have SPED their way to one of my favorites, but I think they are already gone... :(

But thankfully, we can still enjoy these videos.

Even BTS loves them and can't help but dance along!

Monday, April 25, 2016

BTS or Bangtan Boys or Bulletproof Boy Scouts

V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RapMonster, Jimin, J-Hope

Okay... Let's be very clear, Super Junior is first in my affections and always will be. No Kpop band will ever come close to my Suju men. I am fairly certain Eunhyuk's place as #1 in my bias list is written in permanent ink, with the rest of Super Junior grouped altogether in the #2 and #3 spots. I am an ELF true sapphire blue, through and through.

Now having said that, I decided a little bit ago just to venture outside of my Super Junior comfort zone and explore some other kpop groups. (Because you never know what awesomeness you could be missing unless you go out and discover it.) Now in doing this it felt a little like I was cheating on my guys, but knowing that that was an irrational feeling, I asked my dear friend, and fellow K-obessioner, Ryn, which band I should explore next and she said she was currently digging BTS.

One night after a Kdrama, she showed me a few of their videos. Well to be honest, I wasn't too impressed. They seemed really dark, and not nearly as much fun. They are also a little more hard core, meaning a bit more hip hop and rap influenced, not my usual cup of tea. But then a few days later Ryn showed me their music video of Dope.

I think I watched it ten times in a row... I just loved the dancing SO MUCH. I was so impressed with how precise and sharp and together they were. It was amazing. I of course shared it with my sister Suey, and my niece thought they were sped up during the choruses. But no! They have their dance practices on youtube and they really are that good. (It's a little maddening really.)

So then onto Spotify I went and found them. I still don't like everything they do, but I have definitely found songs of theirs that I absolutely love. And it is definitely the dances that make me love the songs. I could like a song, but it's when I see the dance that makes me LOVE it.

I have also really enjoyed finding Pins of them on Pinterest. Especially of V. V has the nickname Alien, because he makes crazy faces. And these faces are like the spirit animal of my inner secret thoughts and feelings. I instantly felt a kinship to him because of his facial expressions. His expressions crack me up. Here are some of my favorites.

This one is literally one I use daily with students.
This is an expression I use in my mind, of are you crazy?
I just don't even care how I am supposed to feel...
We all have this inner expression!
Self explanatory

This one I just love... appropriate for grading tests, watching youtube,  looking at my bank account
Other random things I have found out about them. Rap Monster, the leader and lead rapper (makes sense given his stage name), is actually really smart... like really, really smart. He is better at math than me. I was impressed. Jungkook is the Golden Maknae, meaning he is the youngest member and is impressively good at everything he does... it makes me angry. V's voice is so surprisingly deep! Seriously, where does that depth come from??? Jin is the oldest, but is really too sweet and cute to fit the bad boy image they are supposed to have, and he is really not the best dancer, which gives me hope for some reason. Maybe that they aren't perfect.

Here is one of their "harder" songs that I still like.

So there you have the band that is my second favorite Kpop band. And to go with an ongoing discussion between Suey and myself, would you consider them a boy band even though they are more hip hop sounding???