Sunday, May 8, 2016

Boys Over Flowers - The Addictive Catastrophe

I am not going to lie... I have been putting this review off. I just don't even know how to approach it. This drama is a complete catastrophe! The main girl is just an absolute idiot, even though she is endearingly spunky. The two main boys are like complete opposites, it doesn't even make sense that they would be friends. And really NOTHING IN THIS DRAMA MAKES SENSE!!!!! It drove me crazy while I watched it, it drives me crazy still, and yet it is utterly impossible to not complete it! It's like having to look at the car crash as you pass it on the freeway. WHY ARE WE LIKE THAT??? I don't know.

 There are going to be SPOILERS, so if you don't want to know what happens... stop now! I just don't know how to discusses without divulging details!

We start with our main girl, Jandi, she is of course poor. Extremely poor. Spunky. And independent. (Like really, do her parents do anything???) After an incident, gets a scholarship to a ritzy high school  that she could never afford to go to, full of attractive, snobbish, mean, arrogant, rich boys. And of course she doesn't fit in at all!

Then we have our boys, who are called as a group, F4. Two of these boys are the love interests. Joon Pyo is the son of the Richy Richest, who founded the school and many other successful enterprises. He is leader of this gang F4. F4 pretty much makes school life a living nightmare for all the other students, and yet the students fawn all over them... (UGH!! IT'S SO STUPID!!!) Ji Hoo is Joon Pyo's best friend, but seems to be a bit kinder than the rest.
F4: Woo Bin, Yi Jung, Joon Pyo, Ji Hoo

Well of course F4 chooses to single out Jandi for the rest of the school to terrorize because she stood up to Joon Pyo and refused to lick off his shoes when he demanded it of her... So when they throw eggs and flour at her, it's Ji Hoo who offers just the slightest bit of comfort. And each time she is attacked, he seems to be there... to offer some comfort, or to stop it, or interfere in someway that doesn't seem too much like help, but gives her enough hope that there might be kindness at this school.

But then Joon Pyo decides that he actually likes her. But Jan Di has decided to like Ji Hoo, but Ji Hoo likes an actress he has been friends with since he was a child, but the actress is moving away. So she lets Joon Pyo take her out a few times... he spoils her with gifts and vacations, but then Ji Hoo gets over his actress a little and decides he likes Jan Di too. So now Jan Di wants to date Ji Hoo, but then Joon Pyo is so mad and won't stand for it. Ji Hoo and Joon Pyo end up having a competition to see who can date Jan Di... Finally when Ji Hoo wins and they are free to date, Jan Di decides she liked Joon Pyo better and goes back to him, leaving Ji Hoo broken hearted but still a kind and loyal friend to both Jan Di and Joon Pyo. It is just the most frustrating experience ever!!! AND YET it's extremely addicting!

Best Friends

Here is why even though Joon Pyo is played by the ever attractive and amazing Lee Min Ho, I can't back this character. He is a spoiled rotten bully!!! He is manipulative and mean, with a temper that is completely unpredictable. And yes he has some really cute and tender moments... but I just can't!!!

Joon Pyo and Jan Di. Don't they make a happy couple?

Here is why I LOVE Ji Hoo. He has always been kind to her. He is always there for her when she is in trouble, even when he liked someone else, even when she liked someone else. He becomes her best friend and confidant. He is always there to comfort and console when she is sad.... and so much more.
Ji Hoo and Jan Di. Don't they make a happy couple?

So which one do you think she chooses in the end??? If my disdain for this show hasn't given you a clue, then I am not telling you...

Now having said all that, I know there are people out there that truly love this show!!! I don't know why, but they do! Some, this was their first and converting drama... I just don't understand that, but you know, it is addicting to watch the never ending drama unfold!

On a different note... it completely drives me crazy how there are hardly any adults in these kids' lives! I only remember one teacher ever being present in the high school! So basically they go to school run by students... They go on vacations with no parents and essentially lack adult supervision the entire time... AH!

And another thing that drives me crazy is that my sister Suey, is completely for Joon Pyo... AH!!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???? I am very interested to see her review on this drama...

Ah, now the show will be much better... (as far as characters go, not actors)


Jenny said...

OK, I promise I won't start with this one but I'll have to watch it now so I can pick a team. Something tells me I'll agree with you.

Suey said...

Take out the two leads? WHAT???? I both LOVED and HATED this one! OH MY WORD! So addicting. So crazy stupid! So... so... I don't know. And about JP, I can't help but love him. Sorry not sorry. Gah!!! It's painful! The whole thing is PAINFUL!!

Megs said...

YES take them out! She is stupid, and he is unpredictably mean!

Suey said...

Just watched the trailer you picked... sheesh. That was terrible!

Megs said...

I can't find trailers like you can...