Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finishing a Friend

Do you ever pick up a book and discover a friend? Something you thought would be merely entertaining, turns out to share some of your same thoughts and secret desires? Austenland was like reading a friend, or better yet, looking into a fantasy mirror. Jane being me in having this perfect image of what a romance and a gentleman look like and act like. I often yearn to escape back into a time like that. Austenland would be a theme park I would like to attend. I would love to experience the Regency era first hand, though I wouldn't like actors pretending to court me or fall for me (I would be too naive to fall for them!), but just to keep me company, like a tour guide, except less explicit as one. I am like Jane in being hopelessly hopeful in any budding romance, having practical and fanciful fights within myself. Though I loved reading it, it was sad to be done with it. Like saying goodbye to a good friend. I was happy for Jane and her happy ending, but sad I had to move on with my romanceless life. Though I read Austenland awhile ago, I still remember the reader's remorse sigh that escaped my lips as I finished my friend. So glad I read it, but sad I can never read it again for the first time... But don't you worry, I went and bought my friend, to forever keep company with my other literature friends. Now I will wait patiently for the movie to squeeze its way into my media collection as well. So goodbye Austenland, for now at least...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Salon

Outside my window: The sun is streaming in along with the light breeze. Together the are making the shadow leaves on the wall dance. I can hear kids playing somewhere nearby. All put together makes for a great Sunday afternoon.

I am listening to: This morning it was "The Sound of Music" as I got ready for church. Right now I am listening to my "Super Soundtracks" playlist on my itunes... Have I mentioned that I love soundtracks? Well I do. Love them! Kinda obsessed with them...

I am watching: 24. Oh, yes! Let the TV series addiction bug please take over! No matter how bad my life is, at least it is not Jack Bower's. And I get to sleep at night, unlike everyone in that show. Poor fictional characters... no wonder everyone is so cranky in that show, they never sleep!

I am thinking: I should really be writing my talk for church instead of a blog...

I am grateful for: Insoles for my shoes, because the first three days of school have been torture on my poor little feet!

I am reading: The Man Who Loved Jane Austen, Matched, and need to start The Help for my newly founded book club! WOO HOO!!!

I am photographing: nothing...

I am listing: All the things I need to do. Go back to school clothes shopping. Make lesson plans. Write talk. Correct Tests. Fill in my gradebook. Format my clickers in my classroom. Choreograph a bollywood dance. Plan for my advisory class. Become a better teacher. Change students' lives. Save the world... nothing big

I am creating: Lesson Plans and a church talk on Prayer. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I am hoping and praying for: a good memory. Come Tuesday, I hope I remember my students names.

Around the house: Are some house guests. Old friends have come to visit for the long weekend. Fun times.

From the Kitchen: I made a Symphony pie. Graham cracker crust, melted Symphony bar mixed with whipped cream... mmmm......

One of my favorite things: After a summer break, and then three days of almost non-stop talking, my throat hurts, so I am loving Halls lemon honey throat drops! Oh and sleep. Sleep is also my favorite!

Plans for the week: Survive.