Monday, July 23, 2012

I Put the Pro in Procrastination

After a 10 month absence, I am returning to the blogging world, and with quite a bit of trepidation. The zippiness in me seems to have faded out a little, and then there is the dilemma of what to write about. Do I try to catch you up on a life that you were never really privy to, the fact that this was a really hard teaching year for me, that I have now resigned from my job, that I am still single, with only two dates under my belt in the past year, the few books I have read from the past year, my movie and music obsessions? All possibilities. But do you really want to hear about them? And with the way I agonize over every thought and word I share, is it really worth the effort??? Meh. But I suppose I have to start somewhere, and today is as good as any. And maybe this will help me be just a little more motivated in my life. So here goes, lets find out together what randomness comes out of my fingertips as they tap away on this small keyboard...

Some books I have read over the past year... well at least the memorable ones: Matched, Crossed, Divergent, Midnight at Austenland, Delirium, and in the middle of its sequel Pandemonium. It is no secret that my genre of choice is a good distopian, so it is no surprise that all except one of these titles are of that genre. The Hunger Games series, of course, is my favorite distopian to date (and yes I did go to the midnight premiere and did the whole super-fan thing with my sisters which was AWESOME). Matched and Crossed were good, but reminded me of The Giver. Delirium and Pandemonium have a very interesting concept that love is a disease that needs to be cured, and I will probably go more into that when I get done with Pandemonium. But the best of the three distopian series I have started, in my opinion, is Divergent. Call me crazy but I like heroines that are more independent of there love interest counterparts. Strong, kick butt girls that don't whine when love is lost or things get hard, but buckle down and think things through... maybe that is a commentary on what I wish I more like, because let's be honest, I am more like Bella Swan. Let me just sit down and cry and wait for a man to figure this out because I am too emotional to even think about rational thoughts, let along have them... ANYWAY... Divergent rocked and Insurgent will be my next book to read and I am sure it will rock as well. Now, Midnight in Austenland. I again felt a kinship to the heroine in this book as I did in just Austenland. I long to travel back in time to those days where men were gentlemen, and women were ladies, and there were rules to society, and dancing. And again this was like reading a friend. Oh, Shannon Hale, I think you peered into my soul.

As for my music obsessions, I can't seem to get enough of Gotye (thanks to my sister, Suey), He is We, and Parachute. Gotye's In Your Light just makes me happy, and He is We has a unique sound that I love, and Parachute is just great. 'Nough said. Check 'em out!

Movies... well I actually haven't been to a lot of movies recently. I do want to see Brave, Spiderman, and Batman. Which one should I see first? Suggestions?

Well, I think that is it for now... I will hopefully blog a tad bit sooner next time.... But no promises!!!