Monday, December 3, 2012

Buffalo Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac N Cheese

When I first started this blog and I named it Sweet 'n Sour Sassiness, for several reasons. Sometimes I am sweet. Sometimes I am sour. And sometimes I am sassy. (Well, to be perfectly honest, I am almost always sassy in my head.) Another thought was that I am bitter about the lack of REAL men in the world and this would be a place for me to rant. And still another thought was, I love food. May I say that again... I LOVE FOOD!!! Especially the unhealthy kind. I don't even try to be healthy people. And the name is reminiscent of Sweet 'n Sour Chicken. Sweet 'n Sour Chicken... Sweet 'n Sour Sassiness. I know it is a real hard leap to make between the two. My creative flow just astounds you, I know. But I knew I couldn't be just a book blog, because I liked movies too much, and I couldn't be just a movies blog, because I liked food too much... and I like music too much.... and yada, yada, yada.

So there is the long way of introducing my very first food post. In fact, I am still not quite done introducing this. Hold on to your horses, I am getting there.

Since I am currently staying with my parents, my mom assigned me dinner for a night. She also requested I try to use the buffalo sauce I brought home with me. Challenge accepted! And I did what every other ration woman would do in this situation, I looked on Pinterest. For hours. Trying to find the perfect lazy buffalo sauce recipe.

Well, either the recipes were too fancy, too much work, or contained things I did not have on hand. (And heaven forbid I go to the store!) So after looking at several recipes I thought, I got this!

And I did. I decided I was going to make Buffalo Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac 'n Cheese. (I think we need to come up with a different name, that one is forever long. Suggestions? Death in a Pan?) I was going to make my normal homemade mac 'n cheese, with a few modifications.

So here is my normal Mac n Cheese

1 lb. Elbow macaroni
1 lb. Cheddar cheese, shredded
1 package of bacon, cooked
¼ cup of butter

Prepare macaroni as directed by package. Drain, and cool. Pre-heat oven to 350. In a 9x13 glass pan, layer macaroni, cheese, bacon, and macaroni, cheese, bacon again. I lightly salt and pepper the top. Cut the ¼ cup of butter into thin slabs and place strategically on top. Pour milk into the pan just until you barely see it coming up the side (about a centimeter of milk, I know that is not exact, but I was never told how much either, just until you start seeing it on the side). Put it in the oven for about 10-15 minutes, or until all the cheese is melted. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then devour... I mean enjoy.

This is a dish that is even better the second day.

Now for the Buffalo adjustments.

The above ingredients ( except I only did half a package of bacon), plus:
2-3 chicken breasts, boiled, cubed (this can be done ahead and frozen)
1/3 cup buffalo sauce (add more if you like the heat)
1 Tbs. Ranch

Once I've fried up my bacon and drained the grease, I put my chicken in there to warm it up. Add the buffalo sauce and the ranch. Layer the pan macaroni, chicken, cheese, macaroni, cheese, and lastly bacon. Then cook like above.

I chose to put this up here as my first food post because I got the best comment from my dad. He puts ketchup on everything! I mean everything! But he said to me, “It doesn't even need ketchup!” Praise indeed !!!

Since I was also making this for my grandparents, I was worried about the buffalo sauce being to hot for my G-ma, but the ranch seemed to tame it enough for her. Phew! But to be honest I would have liked more zip. So next time I will try it with ½ cup of buffalo sauce.

So try it out. Let me know how I did. This being my first food post, was it clear enough? Do I need more directions or clarification? Clear as mud? Thought so.

Still Kickin'

As you can see, I am clearly a woman who sticks to her convictions and goals........ NOT. Ok I do to some of them, but for whatever reason, the blog has been, well for lack of a better term... a chore. Something I need/should do. And to be honest that is not what I want from this. UGH. How sad that most of my blogging experience recently has been "what do I want to do with this blog." I thought I knew when I start, but apparently not... There is just too much pressure out there! Stop it with the pressure people!

Ok, so I know you are not pressuring me. If anyone besides Suey visits I am sure the thought is, wow this chick is lame. Or, boring blog. NEXT.  So I am not really letting anyone down by my infrequent posts, and thoughtless pointless ramblings, except for maybe one person... two if you include me.

But I am here, and still alive (just in case you were worried). Brain function is still at a normal level... well for me. So to make this feel like an even semi worhtwhile post here are the things I was doing instead of blogging.

Watching season 3 of Downton Abbey. Yup I couldn't wait for it to air in the states so I used the facebook fan page to get it as it aired in the UK. People if you are as obsessed with this show as me, lets be friends.

Watching Revolution. I loved the idea behind this show, unfortunately the acting is a little meh. However Billy Burke is in it and he was my favorite thing about the Twilight movies. So yay for him.

Reading Mrs. Mike and Reached.

Saw Breaking Dawn. (hanging my head is slight embarrassment) Though I was surprisingly pleased with this one (maybe it's because I always expect the absolute worst). But still with the really awkward "love scenes", just stop already... awkward.

Went to MO, and moved my crap all there. WooHoo.

Went to Reached launch party. It was my second launch party! And it was lots of fun. Love hanging with Suey and Jenni Elyse!

Totally got into Dancing with the Stars this season. I think I am going to put "Dance with Derek Hough" on my bucket list. The guy is good. Seriously people!

Tried Zumba. Can I just say, my calves hurt for a week. LOVED IT!!!

Oh, and I got beat up by a couch. The bruises were AMAZING. Hey maybe I'll blog about it.

And I bunch of other stuff that I can't remember right now.

Aren't you so glad you dropped by?

Friday, October 5, 2012

IGA-Day and Other News

I opened the door, and immediately my “stressed mother” radar went off. The tension in the air was palpable. My survival instincts kicked in, and I knew if a spec of dirt fell off my shoe and onto her pristine carpets I was done for. Yes there was something different about today. Like my mother's D-Day, only it was IGA-Day. International Guest Arrival Day. We have been preparing all week, nay, all month for this day. We rearranged when I was moving for these people, and let's just say folks, I wasn't ready to move... My mother has cleaned every surface of her house, and my job... to find a place for all of my crap that I am going to be packing up again and moving in two more weeks...again. But needless to say, I did want to survive, so I continued the task at hand. You don't play with my mother about the appearance of organization, especially when guests are coming.

In other news, Bloggiesta goals are still going on for me. I have visited all of my 31 newly added blog friends. My google reader was at 329 and is now at 0... until someone posts again, blast it all! And I have added about 30 books to my Goodreads list. However, given that I have been organizing crap, harvesting grapes, taking care of grandparents, saying goodbye to my friend who has gone to Afghanistan, and going to a book launch with Suey, I feel quite accomplished. Now I just have to figure out what to say to some of you in the comments... Intimidations, galore! But I am excited to at least have somewhere to start. I look forward to seeing how far I have come when the next bloggiesta hits in March.
So I went to a book launch with Suey, my first ever! While everyone else in the nation was watching the debates, we were listening to Rob Wells talk about his struggles while he had been writing Feedback, the sequel to Variant. It was enlightening as he discussed his advice to writers, and the importance of community when trying to be an author... interesting. But the best part of the night was when we go to get our books signed and my sister hands her book over and says something to the effect of “make it to Suey.” And he responds, “Oh, Sueysays!” Just so you all know, that makes my sister a celebrity in my book! It was awesome! So that was fun! Now I am just getting into reading Variant, so I will let you know how it goes.

And to make my goal of blogging at least three times a week, I will be doing my first real review on Edenbrooke... but it will probably be unlike a normal review, so don't get too excited. Just sayin'

Monday, October 1, 2012

Bloggiesta Wrap-Up... The Road of Discovery


As most of you know, I am the kid sister of Suey over at It's All About Books, who was one of the amazing co-hosts of this Bloggiesta. She was very excited about this weekend and dragged... I mean got me hyped up on it too... And though it was an exhausting weekend for me, and I didn't get as many "things" done as most people in Bloggiesta did, it was quite the illuminating weekend for me. Intentional or not, I made some self discoveries because of Bloggiesta, and so I declare it a success!

So let's numerate the things I did, shall we.
1.) I "participated" in two of the Bloggiesta chats. I say "participated" because I logged on, would mostly read whatever everyone else was saying, because with my limited experience I had little to add, unless it was an attempt to be funny here or there. But because of that I did have the chance to meet a lot of new bloggers out there and visit their blogs and do some networking. I have added 31 new blogs to my google reader, so if I haven't visited or commented on your blog yet, don't you worry... it's coming! (So that is goal 2 and 4 down! woot, woot!) (Well and that was kind of a mini challenge too so I am going to cross #8 off too.)

2.) I did get better acquainted with Twitter, though not nearly as much as I need to be, so that is still a work in progress.

3.) Got on Goodreads and organized and friended people there. Score!

4.) I didn't get a header photo because I am apparently too picky in that department. BUT I did get a picture for my profile, so when I leave a comment it's not just an orange blob. Yay!

But here is what I discovered during Bloggiesta, which I feel is more important... well most of them.
1.) Wooden chairs are NOT my friends after an hour and a half sit! Friday night my butt and back were very angry with me! So that is a very important discovery for next time! Noted!

2.) The book blogging community is a very friendly and loving one. I thank all of you who have reached out, given me a read, or encouraged me this weekend. I needed it, Thanks!

3.) I discovered I love the story. Not necessarily books. I love the story a book tells. The story I envision during a song. The story a good, well done movie captures. The story behind the person. The story that is in my head. The untold story. It's not just books for me, it's everything...

4.) On Saturday, during my reading of about my 57th book review of the day, I discovered this is not me. "This" meaning a book blogger. I was amazed at the passion that so many put into their reviews, or how many books some are able to read. I was so impressed and ... so overwhelmed! There is no way I could do keep up. All of my insecurities of being a "slow reader" from school came flooding back. I love to read, but not compared to the likes of these people. I am no where near Suey in her ability to consume books, digest, and review them. So essentially, I discovered I had to be me. And though I know who I am, I don't necessarily know how that is going to translate on my blog. So I am still discovering that. I know I need to get organized and be more active here, but that will come with time. I also discovered some do not like personal posts, well I am sorry, but I have a feeling that you will see them here more often than not. I have gained a fear this summer of not being remembered when I die since I have no husband or kids to "think of me fondly", so I feel the need to put myself out there somewhere... And I think that somewhere is here. I have random thoughts that I feel the need to express on random subjects... So I guess what I am trying to say is... WELCOME to my WORK in PROGRESS. I hope I don't scare you away.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bloggiesta To Do List... Eek

This is my first time doing Bloggiesta, due to the fact that I have not been blogging for very long... SO it is with much trepidation and courage that I attempt to be apart of this world wide "blog improvement" weekend. Well and that my sister is co-hosting it and told me I must join in the fun... So here I am.

Here is my To Do List:
1.) Write more! Can this be a to do list item? I am going to say yes since I have only the meager 9 posts so far and the majority of you are book bloggers I feel I need to get more of that on here. It is not really a quantifiable goal... More? How much more? If you are thinking, "Megs, if you write once a month you will be writing more, you pathetic blogger you." You would be right, but I would like to set a goal of at least three times a week... This can't be done in one weekend, so you and I will just have to see if I truly achieve this goal by the next bloggiesta, si?

2.) Explore, make friends in the blogging world. I need to get myself out there, find more blogs/bloggers to follow, and visaversa. Again, is this a legit goal, do I really have control over this? Well I am doing Bloggiesta so that is a step in the right direction, verdad???

3.) I also just joined Twitter, so I would like to figure out how to more effectively use it to promote my blog and meet other bloggers like me... See how I am tying it back to my goal number two, mirame!

4.) Learn how to follow blogs... very necessary. Figure out how to use google reader.

My sister's To Do List for me:
5.) Get a picture for my header, my sister says my site is boring...

6.) Find gadgets to put on my blog.


8.) Figure out a challenge or two to do. Seems simple enough.

So now it's a party at Suey's, and it's time to get crack-a-lackin'
See you at the Twitter chat!

Oh, I thought of another one... 9.) Put some tabs at the top of my blog

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

If You Met Me...

If you met me at a party, you would have forgotten my name already. A wallflower to the core, I would try my best to go unnoticed. Public gatherings aren't where I feel comfortable, I like to be there, just not the center of attention. Hearing different conversations, but not participating in them. Gathering information, and forming silent opinions. When asked who was at the party, mention of me would be non-existent.

If you met me one-on-one, I would be interested in who you are and what you do. Getting know people in a personal setting is where I do best. What makes you tick? Do we watch the same shows? What couldn't you live without? If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? I can talk and listen as much as you can reciprocate.

If you met me with my family around I am the one shouting across three other conversations and ten other people to my sister Suey about my new favorite show. "Oh yes, I love Michael Scholfield too! Have you watched Downton Abbey yet? What??? What did you think of the new Spiderman?" (With my mom inserting that she has no idea what we are talking about.)The one that laughs until she snorts or cries...Brazen and sassy around my family, this is the side of me only family and close friends get to see. This is the side of me I wish I could let out in public, but always seems to lock itself up around unfamiliar faces.

But if you met me at a dance performance you wouldn't recognize me. Confident, poised, witty, sassy. This is where I feel that I truly come to life. Dancing is where it all comes together for me, and wish I could feel like I am always that performer instead of the shy girl at the party... I would capture your attention and wouldn't care that you were watching. But this is the unfortunate part of my life that has disappeared.

If you met me... who would you meet?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Keeping My Existence

This is the soundtrack to my thoughts today... play while you read.

Do you ever have moments when you feel the insignificance of your existence? Moments when you see the global perspective that there are literally billions of people on the planet, currently going about their lives in complete oblivion to your existence. Your pitiful 400 facebook friends look pretty pathetic in comparison. Now expand that present global perspective to historical perspective... Trillions of people have inhabited this earth and yet only a few are well known around the world, and fewer know me. Such moments make me feel, with profound impact, my infinitesimal existence. These moments usually happen to me when I am driving for some reason. I will be sitting at a red light, and as people are turning in front of my car and I catch a glimpse of not just some person or another car, but someone. Someone who has a life completely unconnected with mine, who others depend on, or party with. Whose worries make mine pale in comparison to mine, or whose heart is lighter than mine. Some may have families, and maybe some are lonely like me. I like to imagine where that person is going, and who waits for them there. Sometimes these moments lighten my heart and other times these moments make me feel sad that my life isn't more meaningful.

Another time I have these moments is when I go to historical museums. This past summer I had adventure after adventure, and for some reason spent quite a bit of time going to Oregon Trail museums. These ordinary people made an immense impact on the history on our country. Did they at the time know this? I don't think so, I think they were following a dream of owning their own land. In these museums I would often hear excerpts from journals and memoirs describing hardships, joys, faith, doubt, struggles and accomplishment. These journals were the source of knowing what it was really like to cross the plains, or to be a pioneer. Without them we wouldn't really know. And then I had a similar thought about to the one above... My existence right now is pretty insignificant, however if I were to die still single and without children there would be very little to show that I actually lived. There would be birth and death dates, bank statements, and a work record to show I existed, but nothing to show that I lived. No one to tell stories of my adventures, because no one else would really know them. This thought gripped me as I walked through those museums, nearly suffocating my spirit with a new found importance of leaving something behind worthwhile, not just stuff. As Amy Adams says in Julie and Julia, “I have thoughts!” I have felt the urge to keep a journal. And though I may not always be the most profound person, my ordinary life might one day be the script for some alien museum trying to piece together what life was like in 2012 as a single woman living on earth. :)

So here is me, putting my musings together, and sharing with the world my goal to write a journal. Somethings I may share here, others I may not... we shall see. Check back with me to see how I am doing.

Monday, July 23, 2012

I Put the Pro in Procrastination

After a 10 month absence, I am returning to the blogging world, and with quite a bit of trepidation. The zippiness in me seems to have faded out a little, and then there is the dilemma of what to write about. Do I try to catch you up on a life that you were never really privy to, the fact that this was a really hard teaching year for me, that I have now resigned from my job, that I am still single, with only two dates under my belt in the past year, the few books I have read from the past year, my movie and music obsessions? All possibilities. But do you really want to hear about them? And with the way I agonize over every thought and word I share, is it really worth the effort??? Meh. But I suppose I have to start somewhere, and today is as good as any. And maybe this will help me be just a little more motivated in my life. So here goes, lets find out together what randomness comes out of my fingertips as they tap away on this small keyboard...

Some books I have read over the past year... well at least the memorable ones: Matched, Crossed, Divergent, Midnight at Austenland, Delirium, and in the middle of its sequel Pandemonium. It is no secret that my genre of choice is a good distopian, so it is no surprise that all except one of these titles are of that genre. The Hunger Games series, of course, is my favorite distopian to date (and yes I did go to the midnight premiere and did the whole super-fan thing with my sisters which was AWESOME). Matched and Crossed were good, but reminded me of The Giver. Delirium and Pandemonium have a very interesting concept that love is a disease that needs to be cured, and I will probably go more into that when I get done with Pandemonium. But the best of the three distopian series I have started, in my opinion, is Divergent. Call me crazy but I like heroines that are more independent of there love interest counterparts. Strong, kick butt girls that don't whine when love is lost or things get hard, but buckle down and think things through... maybe that is a commentary on what I wish I more like, because let's be honest, I am more like Bella Swan. Let me just sit down and cry and wait for a man to figure this out because I am too emotional to even think about rational thoughts, let along have them... ANYWAY... Divergent rocked and Insurgent will be my next book to read and I am sure it will rock as well. Now, Midnight in Austenland. I again felt a kinship to the heroine in this book as I did in just Austenland. I long to travel back in time to those days where men were gentlemen, and women were ladies, and there were rules to society, and dancing. And again this was like reading a friend. Oh, Shannon Hale, I think you peered into my soul.

As for my music obsessions, I can't seem to get enough of Gotye (thanks to my sister, Suey), He is We, and Parachute. Gotye's In Your Light just makes me happy, and He is We has a unique sound that I love, and Parachute is just great. 'Nough said. Check 'em out!

Movies... well I actually haven't been to a lot of movies recently. I do want to see Brave, Spiderman, and Batman. Which one should I see first? Suggestions?

Well, I think that is it for now... I will hopefully blog a tad bit sooner next time.... But no promises!!!