Saturday, September 5, 2015

Discovering New Music: Active Child

I love discovering new music! I do! I will sit on my uncomfortable stoop in front of Spotify clicking on song after song for hours without realizing it. I also love when TV or movies harmonize the feelings they are trying to portray with the perfect song. Music can make or break a film for me. Music, it has an incredible power.

SO in my first ever edition of Discovering New Music, I give you Active Child.

As Spotify states, "Active Child is the electronic-meets-choral project of musician Pat Grossi." I first heard Active Child while binge watching one of my guilty pleasures, Reign. Reign does an amazing job of coupling a period show with contemporary music. I LOVE the songs that are featured on the show! I have discovered so many new artists from this show, and I am sure I will talk about more of them later! Anyway, Active Child! The song that was featured on Reign was Johnny Belinda... here have a listen.

Beautifully haunting. It has such an ominous feeling to it, but is still so melodic. It's perfect for a nice somber mood. I love it.

I naturally began to listen to his other songs. And I came across this song!!!

Do you recognize it? AHH!!! I did! Change the voice to a female one... accompanied by Abnegation, a choosing ceremony, and Tris! This song was on the Divergent soundtrack! (I told you, I have a thing for soundtracks!) Ellie Goulding does a cover of Active Child's Hanging On for Divergent to transition from Tris's kitchen to the Choosing Ceremony. AHHH! I love music!

Here is Ellie Goulding's version.

Which one do you like better? I love them both! DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!!

So there is a little sampling of Active Child. I love his style, it's not mainstream, which is great for you hipsters out there, but it's beautiful.

Here is one from his new album Mercy. (He kind of sounds like Sam Smith here to me...)

Do you have any new to me music you'd like to share?