Friday, August 21, 2015

The Fantastic Four?

It's a Thursday night, I got nothing to do, so I decide to go see Fantastic Four. With a large popcorn and drink in hand, I march into the theater with my independent "I don't need to go the movies with someone because I am sensationally single" swagger (which is really just how I walk normally). The previews are already rolling, and I am the fifth person into the theater. Really? Only five people are here, didn't this just come out? Oh, the foreboding!

Plot Summary:
Previews done, movie starts. Oh look it's Reed and Ben as kids! They are adorable! And as a 5th grader, genius Reed has, in his garage, sent a toy car into an alternate dimension! How smart is he?!

Some years later, Reed gets recruited by some brainy university, were there aren't really any classes and he becomes number one scientist on his experiment to send and retrieve organic matter into this alternate dimension. After some tests, four of them decided it is their turn to make the auspicious journey. And something goes terribly awry! SHOCKING!!!! They get special powers, have to learn to control them... yada, yada, yada... bad guy appears, gotta take him down.

Overall Thoughts and Feelings: 
This movie was Fantastically Okay. Predictable storyline aside, there just wasn't anything really fantastic about it. Which, with all the advertising, is completely underwhelming! And what with Marvel doing amazing Avengers and quite enjoyable Antman, I expected more from this movie. The actors were okay, character development was underdeveloped. The main conflict, it's climax, and resolution happen in what feels like the last 10-15 minutes. It was utterly blasé. I didn't really care about the characters like I should, I was uninspired by their pep talks to each other... just so meh.

And the best actor of the main group, Jamie Bell, wasn't really in it! He was The Thing... Come on People! Why don't you actually use the best actor you recruited?

I only noticed it at one point in time, but after looking up that particular song on Spotify, it really doesn't last long. Though the end credits song is quite good. Maybe it was a celebration of the conclusion of such inadequacy? (Was that mean? Well, write a better movie...)

Parental Warning:
Mild swearing, explosions, and a finger is given.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dear Sara B. Larson

Dear Sara B. Larson,

Did you know it is Utah Book Month? I did! But only because my sister Suey keeps me informed of such things. On my recent visit to Utah she, my niece, and I went to hunt for a certain read-a-long Utah book. After several visits to different book stores we had no such luck in finding that certain book. I know, isn't it such a disappointment when that happens! But this left the three of us standing in the BYU bookstore staring dejectedly at the YA section, when I said, "Well, find me a different Utah book to read." I opened myself up for what came next. Suey and niece immediately started pulling down books and thrusting them into my arms. With the pile getting high and my arms getting tired, there was no way I could fit all of these books in my carryon, so the agonizing deliberation began. I weeded out ones that didn't catch my fancy, and kept only those they guaranteed I would LOVE. And your DEFY made it into the final four!

The only thing I knew about your book was what the little employee blurb said, "It's like Mulan. But with magic. And not in China." Okay, I like Mulan. I like magic. And coolness can happen outside of China. So that night, as I traveled north on the Front Runner, trying to avoid eye contact with other passengers, I pretended to be enthralled in a book... and I picked yours. I didn't have to pretend long, that is for sure! (Now to give context to what I am about to say, I need to inform you, I am not a fast reader. Nope, it usually takes me weeks to finish a book. The only book I have ever finished in one day is The Hunger Games.) I devoured your story in less than two days!!! Every chance I had, I was tucked into a corner, turning pages as fast as I could! UGH, I loved your book!!!

So now I am going to gush about it...

Oh man, I love a girl that kicks butt!!! I do! And Alexa can kick everyone's trash! It's awesome! She is right up there with Katniss and Tris! Maybe even better because she has to hide who she truly is, and not trust anyone with her secret.

I love Rylan and Damian so equally it's not even funny! Ugh! and your descriptions of them... Dreamy! And they both respect her, and both are so sweet! And Damian!!! Oh but Rylan!!!! ... And the awesome tent awkwardness!!!! I feel like I can't go on with out giving away spoilers... but the romantic tension! Well Done!

I thoroughly enjoyed devouring this book! Thank you for writing it! IGNITE is already on it's way to me. But then I will have to wait for ENDURE! OH, CRUEL REALITY!!! :)

May your creative juices continue to flow so that I may lap them up from the comfort of my couch! (Is that weird?)



P.S. After gushing about your book, my dance teammate from college informed me she was your roommate! Small world!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.... A Review

It's a SPY movie! I love a good spy movie. Nothing like the gizmos and gadgets, the furtive glances, the legal naughtiness, and spyrific action. Why yes, it had everything you want a spy movie to have. The  flirtatious fun of the sixties style, the mystery of knowing you don't have all the information, and better than a Bond film, we have two hunky dudes to drool over appreciate. 

Let's be honest, a big reason I went to see The Man From U.N.C.L.E was because of this guy!

I know, he IS dishy! Henry Cavill is not my most favorite actor, but I think that this film lent itself to him performing a bit better. But you can't go wrong with Henry in a three piece suit at any point in time!

What I didn't anticipate was liking Armie Hammer (What a name!) a whole lot more than I have in both Mirror, Mirror and Lone Ranger. Don't get me wrong he was adorable in Mirror, Mirror and well, Lone Ranger I don't really remember... (but I do love the soundtrack). But I definitely noticed him in this movie! BOY, is tall!!!!  And with his Newsie hat, and fake Russian accent he comes across as strongly handsome. With some pretty eyes. *Swoon*

Plot Summary: 
It's in the 60's, Cold War. CIA agent and KGB agent are forced to work together to find a missing German atomic bomb engineer before he is forced to make an atomic bomb for another country. They use said engineer's daughter to help find him after rescuing her from East Germany. They, of course, don't have all the information they need, and, of course, don't trust each other, and, of course, try to out spy each other.

Cinematography Notes:
I loved the split screens and views during the action parts. I also enjoyed the surreptitious angles.

Yup, GREAT JOB Daniel Pemberton! I noticed it! It was SPYTACULAR! It definitely gives the correct ambiance for a spy movie. It was sixty-ish, it was spyish and I throughly enjoyed it! Listening to it on Spotify right now for the appropriate inspiration.

Overall Thoughts and Feelings:
I liked it better than Bond. It was witty and made me laugh. It's what you expect from a spy movie, only a bit more fun. I give it 1.5 thumbs, or if you don't like maimed phalanges, 4 out of 5 stars.

Because I am having technical difficulties, I am linking it here.

Parental Warning:

Several sexual references, and a quite unnecessary profile of a naked woman. For more details, check IMDB parent guide.