Friday, April 29, 2016

SPEED - So Fast They're Already Over?

So I have continued to explore the bottomless pit of Kpop Amazingness this week, a fandom that doesn't have an exit. Something that is causing lifestyle changes that I didn't anticipate. A distraction that has consumed my free time. Entertainment that is both impressive and cultural.

And this week in my Kpop Craze Discovery, I have uncovered two groups that threaten Suju more than BTS... It is quite the feat to do so, so quickly! Let's take a moment to be impressed! (It took about a month for BTS to weasel their way into my musical affections...)

The first of these groups is SPEED.

I was first impressed with this group merely by happening upon a pin of one of their dance tricks on Pinterest.

HOLY HANNAH! How does one get brave enough to even attempt that the first time??? I don't know!!!! But I was amazed!!!! I sent the pin to my Kpop bud, Ryn and she sent me this back!

OKAY!!! Is that not impressive???? They dance in Heelys!!! Jinjja? Wow!

Sadly, that was over a month ago and I kinda just forgot about them. Until this week! I am not even sure how it happened. I think I was listening to some SHINee playlist on Youtube and a song comes on that I semi recognize. I look it up and it's SPEED. So I click on one of their dance practices. (Let it be noted that I actually prefer the dance practice versions of songs because then you get a better view of the actual choreography and skill of these guys without all the crazy camera angles and close ups. Those drive me crazy!!! Let me just watch these awesome entertainers as a whole!!!!)

And here was the dance practice I clicked on... Don't Tease Me

 OH! MY! GRAVY!!!!!!! Okay. To say that I love it, well it's understatement. I think I watched that dance 20 more times that night... three more the next morning before work, some more during my lunch hour... and you get the idea! I just love the song alone, but you put that fun choreography and those crazy tricks in there... sigh... I love it...

Here they are practicing those tricks... and where that first pin came from...

Unfortunately, SPEED is having some issues. I don't know all of it, because there isn't much info about them, but they have lost their leader and two other members. I am not sure they are coming out with any more music, which makes me utterly forlorn because I pretty much love what they have done. So they may have SPED their way to one of my favorites, but I think they are already gone... :(

But thankfully, we can still enjoy these videos.

Even BTS loves them and can't help but dance along!

Monday, April 25, 2016

BTS or Bangtan Boys or Bulletproof Boy Scouts

V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RapMonster, Jimin, J-Hope

Okay... Let's be very clear, Super Junior is first in my affections and always will be. No Kpop band will ever come close to my Suju men. I am fairly certain Eunhyuk's place as #1 in my bias list is written in permanent ink, with the rest of Super Junior grouped altogether in the #2 and #3 spots. I am an ELF true sapphire blue, through and through.

Now having said that, I decided a little bit ago just to venture outside of my Super Junior comfort zone and explore some other kpop groups. (Because you never know what awesomeness you could be missing unless you go out and discover it.) Now in doing this it felt a little like I was cheating on my guys, but knowing that that was an irrational feeling, I asked my dear friend, and fellow K-obessioner, Ryn, which band I should explore next and she said she was currently digging BTS.

One night after a Kdrama, she showed me a few of their videos. Well to be honest, I wasn't too impressed. They seemed really dark, and not nearly as much fun. They are also a little more hard core, meaning a bit more hip hop and rap influenced, not my usual cup of tea. But then a few days later Ryn showed me their music video of Dope.

I think I watched it ten times in a row... I just loved the dancing SO MUCH. I was so impressed with how precise and sharp and together they were. It was amazing. I of course shared it with my sister Suey, and my niece thought they were sped up during the choruses. But no! They have their dance practices on youtube and they really are that good. (It's a little maddening really.)

So then onto Spotify I went and found them. I still don't like everything they do, but I have definitely found songs of theirs that I absolutely love. And it is definitely the dances that make me love the songs. I could like a song, but it's when I see the dance that makes me LOVE it.

I have also really enjoyed finding Pins of them on Pinterest. Especially of V. V has the nickname Alien, because he makes crazy faces. And these faces are like the spirit animal of my inner secret thoughts and feelings. I instantly felt a kinship to him because of his facial expressions. His expressions crack me up. Here are some of my favorites.

This one is literally one I use daily with students.
This is an expression I use in my mind, of are you crazy?
I just don't even care how I am supposed to feel...
We all have this inner expression!
Self explanatory

This one I just love... appropriate for grading tests, watching youtube,  looking at my bank account
Other random things I have found out about them. Rap Monster, the leader and lead rapper (makes sense given his stage name), is actually really smart... like really, really smart. He is better at math than me. I was impressed. Jungkook is the Golden Maknae, meaning he is the youngest member and is impressively good at everything he does... it makes me angry. V's voice is so surprisingly deep! Seriously, where does that depth come from??? Jin is the oldest, but is really too sweet and cute to fit the bad boy image they are supposed to have, and he is really not the best dancer, which gives me hope for some reason. Maybe that they aren't perfect.

Here is one of their "harder" songs that I still like.

So there you have the band that is my second favorite Kpop band. And to go with an ongoing discussion between Suey and myself, would you consider them a boy band even though they are more hip hop sounding???

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Secret Garden

Secret GardenπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™~😍

No, it's not the one with the girl with the boy and they find her aunt's garden and she brings it back to life and shows her crippled cousin and then all is right in the world...

This one is about a girl and a boy who live in completely different worlds, or at least social classes, and change bodies. WHOA! Wait, what? Yes, you heard right, it's a body swap story. It's like Freaky Friday, only with a couple.

He is, of course, a rich dude that owns a department store. She is a rare stunt woman who was orphaned in her teens and had to take care of herself. He is self absorbed, but so sarcastically funny. She is spunky and doesn't need anyone's approval, well except her stunt coach's. Their paths cross, when he mistakes her for someone else, and when he can't get her out of his head (much to his chagrin) he tries to learn more about her, and of course develops feelings for her. It's a love hate relationship.

This one, I am not going to lie, you gotta get through a few episodes to start to love. In the beginning the acting is a bit... I am just going to say it... bad. If I didn't know this was my friend's favorite, it would have been a struggle. The supporting females are incredibly annoying, and figuring out all the intertwining relationships was quite the task for a Kdrama novice like me. But having said that, once I got a few episodes under my belt I found it hilarious! His humor was so dry and sarcastic, and yet he is so ridiculous in his sequined hand-stitched Italian track suits. It took me awhile to find the male lead attractive, but once he smiled it was ALL OVER!!!  But all of his ridiculousness makes his love antics absolutely adorable! And he becomes so SWOONY!!! Ugh!!! This was the first drama that I went back and rewatched my favorite episodes. He definitely has the swoon factor once you get to know him... And when they "change bodies" can I just say Hyun Bin does an amazing job at acting like a girl... oh my, it is so funny! I love it...
Joo Won and his sequined, hand stitched, Italian tracksuits 

So yes, even though I warn you of the beginning, this one is fun, funny, a tear jerker (yes), sweet, and adorable. I love it. And I will say this, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ending... because it's not "perfect", and in not being perfect, it is. Which probably doesn't make sense until you watch it.

Oh the cuddles are awesome!!!

On a slightly side note, I love all the supporting male characters. Philip Lee plays the stunt coach, and I find him attractive, but not in the classical way. He just has this calming presence that I love, like you can always trust him. (He also plays the Royal Doctor in Faith, which I loved him in that one too!) Then you have Oska. Oska is the male lead's cousin, and an old Korean Wave Idol. He is also SO ridiculous, but so sweet too, that you can't help but love him. You love him for his absurdity, you just do.

Philip Lee

This is one of my all time favorite gifs for celeb topics. All thanks to Oska!

Bottom line: Get through the cheesy, bad acting bits in the beginning, (I promise it gets better) and then just laugh and love these characters and the crazy situations they get in. And don't forget, swoon when Hyun Bin just wants to hold her! (Oh, this was the first drama where the hugs felt natural. He is a nice natural hugger... sigh...)

Special to this edition of Kdrama Review: KIM JOO WON'S SASS
On Working

There are no words

Very Wise Counsel on Dating

No need for shoe lifts

Picture of Humility (after body swap)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Faith/The Great Doctor

Faith/ The Great Doctor πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™~😍

Enters Lee Min Ho into my life! Omo! As you watch this drama you will discover that there is something truly magnetic about this guy. Could it be that he is taller than most Asian men? Is it the subtle smiles and hints of amusement? Could it be the masculine timbre of his voice that is so hypnotic? Could it be his action sequence skills? Or his beautiful hair framing his handsome face? The protective and honorable nature of his character? His intense eyes that are so expressive they show his strength and confidence as well as vulnerability? Is that he is so manly with an air of nonchalance, that you don't even care that he has the most beautiful facial features?The combination of all of these??? I don't know, but if you don't leave this drama at least slightly in love with Lee Min Ho... well then I just don't know what to do with you. This is a great one to introduce the bias of the nation. 

Faith is set in the Goryeo period (old time Korea), when Yuen (China) still controlled it, there is a new king and the Captain of his royal guard is Choi Young (Lee Min Ho), sigh.... On their way to Goryeo the king and his entourage are attacked and the queen is critically injured. With a touch of the supernatural, Choi Young travels to what he believes is heaven but is really modern day Korea to find Heaven's Doctor. Instead he snatches a superficial and selfish plastic surgeon, Yoo Eun Soo, and literally drags her back into the past. Confused by what is going on, Eun Soo is reluctant to perform surgery, but after Captian Choi promises to take her back as soon as the patient recovers, and this promise is what binds these two characters together. 
Captain Choi and Eun Soo

I love this drama for SO many reasons. It is a story about a king and queen that find confidence and comfort in each other. It is a story about patriotism. It is a story about friendship and loyalty. But mostly, it is a story about a man who feels he has no reason to live anymore, and a woman who has only ever lived for herself, and how their relationship changes all of that. Again, I am amazed by the character development, because I don't like the girl in the beginning, but then love how sassily she handles her difficult situations.

Oh! His eyes... 

It is beautifully told, I feel like it has something for everybody. Some characters have supernatural abilities, there is sci-fi in the time travel, you have political drama, you have the fun action sequences that are slightly cheesy, you have an AMAZING soundtrack, and of course a VERY SWOONY romance. And this SWOON factor in and of itself is magic since there is only ONE kiss... that's right! I've ruined it for you. Only one kiss between the main characters! And it is not even a good one.... AND YET THIS DRAMA IS SO SWOONY!!!! How do they do that??? I am not entirely sure, I just know it is amazingly effective! *sigh* (And I learned my favorite endearment from this drama... apparently it is a bit old fashioned so I have yet to hear it again, but I love it. Imja... I think Viki said it means "My person". So cute!) 

So I highly recommend this one to anyone... I love it. Jenny, this is a good one to start with too! Just start already, I am dying to hear your reaction! And Jenni Elyse no love triangle in this one, so it's got that going for it. And please for the love of all that is holy, whatever you do, watch this one before Boys Over Flowers! Ugh, Lee Min Ho is about a million times better in this one than BOF... so please... this one... not that one! (I got a big grudge against BOF)

It would be remiss of me not to include one track from this soundtrack... I kinda want to do the the love theme song, but I don't want to spoil all of those wonderful moments for you, so here is Captain Choi's theme... well actually it's the Woodalchi theme, but it may as well be just his... Enjoy!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Lie to Me

Lie To Me... πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ˜
Cherry Blossoms will never be the same

Ahh... the one that started it all. This drama will always have a place in my heart, it is neither the best or the worst, but it is SO CUTE and innocent that it just sucked me in!!!!

We start off with the male lead, Hyun Ki Joon, who is of course rich and is a CEO of a ritzy hotel. He is driven, organized, a neat freak, and a bit cold. Then we have our female lead, Gong Ah Jung, who is a government worker in charge events. She is of course happy go lucky and a bit quirky.

After things go terribly wrong at one of her events, Ah Jung is asked either to apologize or resign. Since she wasn't at fault for what went wrong she is enraged and writes her resignation letter on a napkin at the bar where she proceeds to get drunk. This is when she bumps in to Ki Joon as he is looking for his brother at the same bar.

When the lie begins

Things get crazy when Ah Jung meets an old frienemy, who stole her first crush. In an attempt to look like her life is great she pretends to be in a relationship and through a series of misunderstandings and events it is assumed that Ah Jung is engaged to Ki Joon. And then the crazy drama ensues. The two have a love hate relationship, but end up needing each other's cooperation in the lie and it gets a bit out of hand.

And of course, feelings end up developing and it's great!!!! I love it. This one has some great tension that is built through little things. I just remember squealing at how cute some of the scenes were, how adorable he was... that there was all this sexual tension without ANY inappropriateness. OH MY GOSH!!!! WHY CAN'T HOLLYWOOD FIGURE THIS OUT???? It is beyond me at how inappropriate our tv shows have gotten.
Ki Joon being sassy

Anyway, this one sold me on Kdramas, and started something that I have yet to look back from... so if you are willing, or aren't going to be judgmental about it, or at least willing to see if you can be proven wrong on your prejudices then take the dip and ride the Korean Wave with me!

*Why it doesn't get a fifth heart: in the beginning the characters drove me crazy, and the acting was a bit over the top, but once you get into it about three episodes they begin to get endearing and mature, which is awesome to watch the progression.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Do You Believe in Destiny?

Do you believe in destiny? 
I think my blog was destined to become affiliated with asian things... Who would have thought that in 2012, when I was agonizing over what to call my blog that I would choose something so random as Sweet 'n Sour Sassiness... Sure the sassiness makes sense, but why the Sweet 'n Sour? Just for alliteration? Maybe? I do love me some alliteration. But I didn't really eat Asian cuisine ... So it really is quite random for my blog name back then.

But now as I look at how my blog is being taken over by the Korean Wave, I can't help but think that my blog name makes more sense than it did before. Therefore, do I believe in destiny or fate? I don't know... But I do find this turn of events quite interesting.

So with that being said, and with the third month anniversary of my discovery of Super Junior... (don't ask me why I remember the exact day I fell in love with them) I am rolling out my Kdrama reviews. I finish a drama usually every week, but I do have some catching up to do, so I will try to do a couple every week until I am caught up.

I have already rated the dramas I have watched so far over on my Kdrama page. The more hearts the more I loved it... 5 being the most... BUT you might notice the extra emoji. This is the swoon factor, either the male lead, or the couple is just so stinking cute that it causes me to gush, sigh, and swoon. So even if a I give a drama a 3, because the story isn't as engaging, or it's just a bit too silly or whatever the reason, it could be that what drove the drama was this swoon factor. πŸ˜

So there you have a brief description of my Kdrama reviews... nothing really official, just my thoughts and feelings. Let my destiny unfold!