Friday, April 29, 2016

SPEED - So Fast They're Already Over?

So I have continued to explore the bottomless pit of Kpop Amazingness this week, a fandom that doesn't have an exit. Something that is causing lifestyle changes that I didn't anticipate. A distraction that has consumed my free time. Entertainment that is both impressive and cultural.

And this week in my Kpop Craze Discovery, I have uncovered two groups that threaten Suju more than BTS... It is quite the feat to do so, so quickly! Let's take a moment to be impressed! (It took about a month for BTS to weasel their way into my musical affections...)

The first of these groups is SPEED.

I was first impressed with this group merely by happening upon a pin of one of their dance tricks on Pinterest.

HOLY HANNAH! How does one get brave enough to even attempt that the first time??? I don't know!!!! But I was amazed!!!! I sent the pin to my Kpop bud, Ryn and she sent me this back!

OKAY!!! Is that not impressive???? They dance in Heelys!!! Jinjja? Wow!

Sadly, that was over a month ago and I kinda just forgot about them. Until this week! I am not even sure how it happened. I think I was listening to some SHINee playlist on Youtube and a song comes on that I semi recognize. I look it up and it's SPEED. So I click on one of their dance practices. (Let it be noted that I actually prefer the dance practice versions of songs because then you get a better view of the actual choreography and skill of these guys without all the crazy camera angles and close ups. Those drive me crazy!!! Let me just watch these awesome entertainers as a whole!!!!)

And here was the dance practice I clicked on... Don't Tease Me

 OH! MY! GRAVY!!!!!!! Okay. To say that I love it, well it's understatement. I think I watched that dance 20 more times that night... three more the next morning before work, some more during my lunch hour... and you get the idea! I just love the song alone, but you put that fun choreography and those crazy tricks in there... sigh... I love it...

Here they are practicing those tricks... and where that first pin came from...

Unfortunately, SPEED is having some issues. I don't know all of it, because there isn't much info about them, but they have lost their leader and two other members. I am not sure they are coming out with any more music, which makes me utterly forlorn because I pretty much love what they have done. So they may have SPED their way to one of my favorites, but I think they are already gone... :(

But thankfully, we can still enjoy these videos.

Even BTS loves them and can't help but dance along!

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Suey said...

Love the no exit picture! Love the GIF! Love the BTS boys dancing back stage! Love the song! I'm ready to learn at least the chorus bit of this one...yes?