Monday, April 25, 2016

BTS or Bangtan Boys or Bulletproof Boy Scouts

V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RapMonster, Jimin, J-Hope

Okay... Let's be very clear, Super Junior is first in my affections and always will be. No Kpop band will ever come close to my Suju men. I am fairly certain Eunhyuk's place as #1 in my bias list is written in permanent ink, with the rest of Super Junior grouped altogether in the #2 and #3 spots. I am an ELF true sapphire blue, through and through.

Now having said that, I decided a little bit ago just to venture outside of my Super Junior comfort zone and explore some other kpop groups. (Because you never know what awesomeness you could be missing unless you go out and discover it.) Now in doing this it felt a little like I was cheating on my guys, but knowing that that was an irrational feeling, I asked my dear friend, and fellow K-obessioner, Ryn, which band I should explore next and she said she was currently digging BTS.

One night after a Kdrama, she showed me a few of their videos. Well to be honest, I wasn't too impressed. They seemed really dark, and not nearly as much fun. They are also a little more hard core, meaning a bit more hip hop and rap influenced, not my usual cup of tea. But then a few days later Ryn showed me their music video of Dope.

I think I watched it ten times in a row... I just loved the dancing SO MUCH. I was so impressed with how precise and sharp and together they were. It was amazing. I of course shared it with my sister Suey, and my niece thought they were sped up during the choruses. But no! They have their dance practices on youtube and they really are that good. (It's a little maddening really.)

So then onto Spotify I went and found them. I still don't like everything they do, but I have definitely found songs of theirs that I absolutely love. And it is definitely the dances that make me love the songs. I could like a song, but it's when I see the dance that makes me LOVE it.

I have also really enjoyed finding Pins of them on Pinterest. Especially of V. V has the nickname Alien, because he makes crazy faces. And these faces are like the spirit animal of my inner secret thoughts and feelings. I instantly felt a kinship to him because of his facial expressions. His expressions crack me up. Here are some of my favorites.

This one is literally one I use daily with students.
This is an expression I use in my mind, of are you crazy?
I just don't even care how I am supposed to feel...
We all have this inner expression!
Self explanatory

This one I just love... appropriate for grading tests, watching youtube,  looking at my bank account
Other random things I have found out about them. Rap Monster, the leader and lead rapper (makes sense given his stage name), is actually really smart... like really, really smart. He is better at math than me. I was impressed. Jungkook is the Golden Maknae, meaning he is the youngest member and is impressively good at everything he does... it makes me angry. V's voice is so surprisingly deep! Seriously, where does that depth come from??? Jin is the oldest, but is really too sweet and cute to fit the bad boy image they are supposed to have, and he is really not the best dancer, which gives me hope for some reason. Maybe that they aren't perfect.

Here is one of their "harder" songs that I still like.

So there you have the band that is my second favorite Kpop band. And to go with an ongoing discussion between Suey and myself, would you consider them a boy band even though they are more hip hop sounding???


Suey said...

Fun to learn more about them. As for the boy band thing... I'm gathering that they are a boy band if they are boys that sing together and... look pretty... and dance. If they don't dance and are ugly, then... I don't know what they are. I still get BTS and Big Bang mixed up. Maybe that'll change one of these days. And... I still feel weird even considering liking anything other than Super Junior. But Dope has definitely wormed its way into my life. :)

Unknown said...

I'm glad that you ventured outside your comfort zone and decided to give BTS a try. I love DOPE so much too. I would consider them hip hop base, but like Rap Mon and Suga says, they don't just stick to hip hop and are exploring different genres. They do have a softer side to them, like Tomorrow, Let Me Know, Coffee, etc. So many amazing and meaningful songs. I love them so much. I found your site today when searching for sits that talk about Faith/The Good Doctor. I love love that drama so much too.