About Me

As a teacher, I am used to a captive audience. And by captive I really mean captive; dozens of adolescents zoned out as they are forced to sit and listen to me talk about algorithms, functions, and permutations. Even now I can hear some of your eyes rolling back and your brains going into a comatose state. No worries, that is not what I am going to use the blog to talk about. So the fact that you are of your own free will and choice even considering giving me your attention is flattering. (Yes, I flatter easily. It’s a shock I am still single.)

A little about me:

I am a walking paradox. I am happy and optimistic, but bitter and cynical. I enjoy a good cry as well as a good laugh. I am extremely shy, but bubbly. I love food, but am a picky eater. I hate bugs, but am the bug killer in the house. I thrive on consistency, but love spontaneity. I like working out, but despise sweating. I am quite patient, but have an Irish temper. I am real and irrational at the same time. (A little math humor for you. Hehe) I crave sanity, but am a middle school math teacher. I am a saver, but love impulse shopping. I admire athletes, but hate sports. I love to fly, but am terrified of flying objects (especially when they are hurtling towards my face and I have to rely on my appalling hand eye coordination). I am submissive, yet stubborn. I am graceful, but uncoordinated. I LOVE music, but can’t listen to my ipod in public for fear of breaking out into song and dance without realizing it.

About this Blog

My Hopes: I hope this is place where I can put my opinions out there and enjoy discussions with others that have similar interests. I hope to embrace this world wide community, and expand my perceptions of the world around me. I hope that in small way I entertain you, made you smile or laugh, or just make you ponder about something you normally wouldn’t have. I don’t have a real master plan for this blog at this moment, so we will discover it together. But I will probably talk about movies, music, food, and other random things that catch my interest.

My Fears: I fear that having a blog of my own may carry along the assumption that I believe I am the authority of whatever I am talking about. This blog is just my thoughts in a somewhat organized and amusing way. I also fear the actual grammar part of writing. I am a math teacher for a reason; we all should just be happy I can write coherent thoughts.

So thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think! I love comments!