Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Secret Garden

Secret GardenπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™~😍

No, it's not the one with the girl with the boy and they find her aunt's garden and she brings it back to life and shows her crippled cousin and then all is right in the world...

This one is about a girl and a boy who live in completely different worlds, or at least social classes, and change bodies. WHOA! Wait, what? Yes, you heard right, it's a body swap story. It's like Freaky Friday, only with a couple.

He is, of course, a rich dude that owns a department store. She is a rare stunt woman who was orphaned in her teens and had to take care of herself. He is self absorbed, but so sarcastically funny. She is spunky and doesn't need anyone's approval, well except her stunt coach's. Their paths cross, when he mistakes her for someone else, and when he can't get her out of his head (much to his chagrin) he tries to learn more about her, and of course develops feelings for her. It's a love hate relationship.

This one, I am not going to lie, you gotta get through a few episodes to start to love. In the beginning the acting is a bit... I am just going to say it... bad. If I didn't know this was my friend's favorite, it would have been a struggle. The supporting females are incredibly annoying, and figuring out all the intertwining relationships was quite the task for a Kdrama novice like me. But having said that, once I got a few episodes under my belt I found it hilarious! His humor was so dry and sarcastic, and yet he is so ridiculous in his sequined hand-stitched Italian track suits. It took me awhile to find the male lead attractive, but once he smiled it was ALL OVER!!!  But all of his ridiculousness makes his love antics absolutely adorable! And he becomes so SWOONY!!! Ugh!!! This was the first drama that I went back and rewatched my favorite episodes. He definitely has the swoon factor once you get to know him... And when they "change bodies" can I just say Hyun Bin does an amazing job at acting like a girl... oh my, it is so funny! I love it...
Joo Won and his sequined, hand stitched, Italian tracksuits 

So yes, even though I warn you of the beginning, this one is fun, funny, a tear jerker (yes), sweet, and adorable. I love it. And I will say this, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ending... because it's not "perfect", and in not being perfect, it is. Which probably doesn't make sense until you watch it.

Oh the cuddles are awesome!!!

On a slightly side note, I love all the supporting male characters. Philip Lee plays the stunt coach, and I find him attractive, but not in the classical way. He just has this calming presence that I love, like you can always trust him. (He also plays the Royal Doctor in Faith, which I loved him in that one too!) Then you have Oska. Oska is the male lead's cousin, and an old Korean Wave Idol. He is also SO ridiculous, but so sweet too, that you can't help but love him. You love him for his absurdity, you just do.

Philip Lee

This is one of my all time favorite gifs for celeb topics. All thanks to Oska!

Bottom line: Get through the cheesy, bad acting bits in the beginning, (I promise it gets better) and then just laugh and love these characters and the crazy situations they get in. And don't forget, swoon when Hyun Bin just wants to hold her! (Oh, this was the first drama where the hugs felt natural. He is a nice natural hugger... sigh...)

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Suey said...

It sounds so intriguing and... IT'S ON NETFLIX!!!!

Kara said...

I do agree this one takes a bit to get into, but definitely funny! Those two just frustrate me, yet I love their relationship. Or at least, I do once we get on into the episodes. I'm glad you liked it! :)

Jenny said...

Sounds hilarious. I like body swaps between boys and girls. I think guys acting like girls is funny!

Megs said...

Oh Jenny, then you will love this one!!!! Hyun Bin cracks me up acting like a guy and a girl!!!! Though I would probably not pick this one as your first one, but I would put it on your to be watched list...