Friday, April 8, 2016

Do You Believe in Destiny?

Do you believe in destiny? 
I think my blog was destined to become affiliated with asian things... Who would have thought that in 2012, when I was agonizing over what to call my blog that I would choose something so random as Sweet 'n Sour Sassiness... Sure the sassiness makes sense, but why the Sweet 'n Sour? Just for alliteration? Maybe? I do love me some alliteration. But I didn't really eat Asian cuisine ... So it really is quite random for my blog name back then.

But now as I look at how my blog is being taken over by the Korean Wave, I can't help but think that my blog name makes more sense than it did before. Therefore, do I believe in destiny or fate? I don't know... But I do find this turn of events quite interesting.

So with that being said, and with the third month anniversary of my discovery of Super Junior... (don't ask me why I remember the exact day I fell in love with them) I am rolling out my Kdrama reviews. I finish a drama usually every week, but I do have some catching up to do, so I will try to do a couple every week until I am caught up.

I have already rated the dramas I have watched so far over on my Kdrama page. The more hearts the more I loved it... 5 being the most... BUT you might notice the extra emoji. This is the swoon factor, either the male lead, or the couple is just so stinking cute that it causes me to gush, sigh, and swoon. So even if a I give a drama a 3, because the story isn't as engaging, or it's just a bit too silly or whatever the reason, it could be that what drove the drama was this swoon factor. 😍

So there you have a brief description of my Kdrama reviews... nothing really official, just my thoughts and feelings. Let my destiny unfold!


Suey said...

What date are you giving to the anniversary? I think its "only" been three months!!! January 9 is my date... three months. Wow. I should make post too, yes?

Jenny said...

It must have been your

Kara said...

Embarrassingly I didn't notice your kdrama page until you mentioned it here and I searched. And wow! You are on a roll, aren't you? Just like me! My list of kdramas would be incredibly long, let me tell you! And can I just say again that I'm so glad to know there's other people who are as obsessed as I? :)