Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Eddie the Eagle

I love these human spirit type stories. I'm all about the dreamers that turn into doers, that laugh in the face of adversity and naysayers. Those people who have insatiable spirits that can't be broken... the eternal optimists... I love them! Probably because I definitely ain't one! But I tell you what, I love their stories, and I feel like more and more of them are being told recently in bio pics, and to that I say, Keep 'em Coming!!!

The one I saw most recently was Eddie the Eagle. It looked cute, but a really didn't know the story. Now I am not here to say how accurate the film was to the actual story, just how much I loved the story told in the film.

Plot Summary:
Eddie Edwards grew up with the dream of going to the Olympics despite his physical limits. Becoming an excellent downhill skier he is cut from the Olympic ski team because he just a bit too awkward to represent the British. With the Olympics one year away, Eddie decides he is going to become a ski jumper, because there aren't any British ski jumpers, and therefore, no competition. So with nothing but his tenacious spirit and his disillusioned coach he sets out to train and qualify for the Winter Olympics in Calgary.

Oh my, I found the soundtrack to be a fun throwback to the classic 80s soundtrack! With a synthesizer heavily featured it reminded me of Chariots of Fire and Ladyhawk. I loved it.  

Overall Thoughts:
Omo! I loved this movie. I am just amazed by what a person can do when they put their mind to it! I laughed, I cringed, I clutched the arm rests, I cried a little. It was just a fantastic movie. And here is the thing... ah! I can't say what I want to because I don't want to spoil it if you don't know his story... but it is just amazing how happy and excited he is just to compete in the Olympics, he doesn't care about placing, he just wants to compete. Ugh, it's great! (A little side note, this was the same Olympics that the Jamaicans first competed with their bobsled team. Maybe it just because of Cool Runnings and this movie, but that Olympics must have been one for the underdogs!)

Parent Guide:
The coach makes an analogy comparing ski jumping to having sex... which was a bit awkward. Other mild innuendos.  Dangerous scenes and injuries relating to ski jumping.



Suey said...

This one, I think I better see....

Jenny said...

Wasn't this one great?! I loved it. I was grabbing armrests and my husband leg. Flinching, whimpering, cheering. Yep. All of it. Such a great feel good movie. And the flashback music was great. It totally captured the eighties!