Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.... A Review

It's a SPY movie! I love a good spy movie. Nothing like the gizmos and gadgets, the furtive glances, the legal naughtiness, and spyrific action. Why yes, it had everything you want a spy movie to have. The  flirtatious fun of the sixties style, the mystery of knowing you don't have all the information, and better than a Bond film, we have two hunky dudes to drool over appreciate. 

Let's be honest, a big reason I went to see The Man From U.N.C.L.E was because of this guy!

I know, he IS dishy! Henry Cavill is not my most favorite actor, but I think that this film lent itself to him performing a bit better. But you can't go wrong with Henry in a three piece suit at any point in time!

What I didn't anticipate was liking Armie Hammer (What a name!) a whole lot more than I have in both Mirror, Mirror and Lone Ranger. Don't get me wrong he was adorable in Mirror, Mirror and well, Lone Ranger I don't really remember... (but I do love the soundtrack). But I definitely noticed him in this movie! BOY, is tall!!!!  And with his Newsie hat, and fake Russian accent he comes across as strongly handsome. With some pretty eyes. *Swoon*

Plot Summary: 
It's in the 60's, Cold War. CIA agent and KGB agent are forced to work together to find a missing German atomic bomb engineer before he is forced to make an atomic bomb for another country. They use said engineer's daughter to help find him after rescuing her from East Germany. They, of course, don't have all the information they need, and, of course, don't trust each other, and, of course, try to out spy each other.

Cinematography Notes:
I loved the split screens and views during the action parts. I also enjoyed the surreptitious angles.

Yup, GREAT JOB Daniel Pemberton! I noticed it! It was SPYTACULAR! It definitely gives the correct ambiance for a spy movie. It was sixty-ish, it was spyish and I throughly enjoyed it! Listening to it on Spotify right now for the appropriate inspiration.

Overall Thoughts and Feelings:
I liked it better than Bond. It was witty and made me laugh. It's what you expect from a spy movie, only a bit more fun. I give it 1.5 thumbs, or if you don't like maimed phalanges, 4 out of 5 stars.

Because I am having technical difficulties, I am linking it here.

Parental Warning:

Several sexual references, and a quite unnecessary profile of a naked woman. For more details, check IMDB parent guide.


Suey said...

Awesome review. Maybe I'll even go see it! :)

Jenny said...

Want this one great? It was a favorite of the year for me! I loved it!

Jenny said...

You should! I forgot to tell you about the great soundtrack.

Megs said...

Confession... I went and saw it again... I liked it even more! It was just so fun!