Monday, April 14, 2014

Dear Veronica Rossi

Dear Veronica Rossi,

Two years ago, I was moving across the country. With endless hours of driving ahead of me and my dad, who was helping me along the journey, I ventured to the library, on the hunt for some audio entertainment. Perched in front of the Young Adult books on CD, I searched for something to grab my attention. I scanned, and deliberated, and finally decided on a few. None of them had I ever heard of.

Once on the road, we popped the first one in. We listened to the first few chapters… but the story became… shall we say embarrassing, for a father and his young adult daughter to listen to together, trapped in a car. Next! We popped in a second book. This was a little better. A little. The story had potential, but was also kinda weird, and a lotta boring. We didn't make it very long before we decided to try again. Eyeing each other, we hoped this book panned out. A bit nervous about our luck, I pushed in Under the Never Sky. My dad and I didn't talk for hours. Which doesn't sound like a good thing, but it is when you are both engulfed in the imaginary pages of an audio book!

Two years later, and much waiting in between, I have just finished Into the Still Blue. Makes me kinda sad. But mostly it makes me want to say thank you.

Thank you for writing a captivating story.
Thank you for creating a heroine that was relatable, clever, teachable, vulnerable, and yet determined. Thank you for writing Roar and Aria as best friends, and nothing but friends on either side. Thank you for writing Perry with just enough brief jealousy, but mostly trusting of their friendship. (So tired of the love triangles and the jealous boyfriends in recent books). Thank you for writing a young adult book without a love triangle. Thank you for writing a book with romance, that glimpses the intimate, but never crosses the line of vulgarity about what is private. (Especially something a young woman could listen to with her dad without being embarrassed.) Thank you for writing about pain, love, forgiveness,  saying you're sorry, admitting your mistakes, and sacrifice. Thank you for writing a truly entertaining book that I can recommend to my students without reservation.

And Thank You for not killing off my favorite characters!!! Especially this. Thank you.



P.S. Would the child of Aria and Perry have all three Senses? Cause that would be wicked awesome!

Another PS: If you need help casting roles for Roar and Perry, I would be more than willing to sit in on the auditions. ;) They gotta get this right!


Suey said...

This is awesome. Who would you cast in these roles by the way?

Megs said...

My casting...? I think I would need another post just for that!!!

Suey said...

OK. Go for it!