Friday, August 21, 2015

The Fantastic Four?

It's a Thursday night, I got nothing to do, so I decide to go see Fantastic Four. With a large popcorn and drink in hand, I march into the theater with my independent "I don't need to go the movies with someone because I am sensationally single" swagger (which is really just how I walk normally). The previews are already rolling, and I am the fifth person into the theater. Really? Only five people are here, didn't this just come out? Oh, the foreboding!

Plot Summary:
Previews done, movie starts. Oh look it's Reed and Ben as kids! They are adorable! And as a 5th grader, genius Reed has, in his garage, sent a toy car into an alternate dimension! How smart is he?!

Some years later, Reed gets recruited by some brainy university, were there aren't really any classes and he becomes number one scientist on his experiment to send and retrieve organic matter into this alternate dimension. After some tests, four of them decided it is their turn to make the auspicious journey. And something goes terribly awry! SHOCKING!!!! They get special powers, have to learn to control them... yada, yada, yada... bad guy appears, gotta take him down.

Overall Thoughts and Feelings: 
This movie was Fantastically Okay. Predictable storyline aside, there just wasn't anything really fantastic about it. Which, with all the advertising, is completely underwhelming! And what with Marvel doing amazing Avengers and quite enjoyable Antman, I expected more from this movie. The actors were okay, character development was underdeveloped. The main conflict, it's climax, and resolution happen in what feels like the last 10-15 minutes. It was utterly blasé. I didn't really care about the characters like I should, I was uninspired by their pep talks to each other... just so meh.

And the best actor of the main group, Jamie Bell, wasn't really in it! He was The Thing... Come on People! Why don't you actually use the best actor you recruited?

I only noticed it at one point in time, but after looking up that particular song on Spotify, it really doesn't last long. Though the end credits song is quite good. Maybe it was a celebration of the conclusion of such inadequacy? (Was that mean? Well, write a better movie...)

Parental Warning:
Mild swearing, explosions, and a finger is given.


Suey said...

I think I'll pass on this one. Too bad it's not better. What movie will be seeing this weekend?

Megs said...

This Weekend??? Can I tell you how frustrated I am about the movies coming out this weekend!!!! They are all rated R... All of them!!! People! Really? I miss the days of adult PG movies. Movies like You Got Mail and Marley and Me... Whatever happened to Wholesome Adult entertainment??? Maybe this should be the next post! ...but I might go see Ricky and the Flash... maybe.

Jenny said...

Maybe the Fantastic Four just need to stay off the big screen. Still, your review of it was hilarious!