Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dear Sara B. Larson

Dear Sara B. Larson,

Did you know it is Utah Book Month? I did! But only because my sister Suey keeps me informed of such things. On my recent visit to Utah she, my niece, and I went to hunt for a certain read-a-long Utah book. After several visits to different book stores we had no such luck in finding that certain book. I know, isn't it such a disappointment when that happens! But this left the three of us standing in the BYU bookstore staring dejectedly at the YA section, when I said, "Well, find me a different Utah book to read." I opened myself up for what came next. Suey and niece immediately started pulling down books and thrusting them into my arms. With the pile getting high and my arms getting tired, there was no way I could fit all of these books in my carryon, so the agonizing deliberation began. I weeded out ones that didn't catch my fancy, and kept only those they guaranteed I would LOVE. And your DEFY made it into the final four!

The only thing I knew about your book was what the little employee blurb said, "It's like Mulan. But with magic. And not in China." Okay, I like Mulan. I like magic. And coolness can happen outside of China. So that night, as I traveled north on the Front Runner, trying to avoid eye contact with other passengers, I pretended to be enthralled in a book... and I picked yours. I didn't have to pretend long, that is for sure! (Now to give context to what I am about to say, I need to inform you, I am not a fast reader. Nope, it usually takes me weeks to finish a book. The only book I have ever finished in one day is The Hunger Games.) I devoured your story in less than two days!!! Every chance I had, I was tucked into a corner, turning pages as fast as I could! UGH, I loved your book!!!

So now I am going to gush about it...

Oh man, I love a girl that kicks butt!!! I do! And Alexa can kick everyone's trash! It's awesome! She is right up there with Katniss and Tris! Maybe even better because she has to hide who she truly is, and not trust anyone with her secret.

I love Rylan and Damian so equally it's not even funny! Ugh! and your descriptions of them... Dreamy! And they both respect her, and both are so sweet! And Damian!!! Oh but Rylan!!!! ... And the awesome tent awkwardness!!!! I feel like I can't go on with out giving away spoilers... but the romantic tension! Well Done!

I thoroughly enjoyed devouring this book! Thank you for writing it! IGNITE is already on it's way to me. But then I will have to wait for ENDURE! OH, CRUEL REALITY!!! :)

May your creative juices continue to flow so that I may lap them up from the comfort of my couch! (Is that weird?)



P.S. After gushing about your book, my dance teammate from college informed me she was your roommate! Small world!


Suey said...

Love your author letters. Keep it up! And you should totally make sure Sara sees this. Did you tweet it and tag her? :)

Megs said...

No... Should I??? I don't know, she has already indulged me in a tweet...

Suey said...

Yes, yes you should.

Jenny said...

I need to read this series already! Seriously love your reviews! Keep them coming.

Toto said...

Dude, yes Sara needs to see this