Tuesday, September 25, 2012

If You Met Me...

If you met me at a party, you would have forgotten my name already. A wallflower to the core, I would try my best to go unnoticed. Public gatherings aren't where I feel comfortable, I like to be there, just not the center of attention. Hearing different conversations, but not participating in them. Gathering information, and forming silent opinions. When asked who was at the party, mention of me would be non-existent.

If you met me one-on-one, I would be interested in who you are and what you do. Getting know people in a personal setting is where I do best. What makes you tick? Do we watch the same shows? What couldn't you live without? If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? I can talk and listen as much as you can reciprocate.

If you met me with my family around I am the one shouting across three other conversations and ten other people to my sister Suey about my new favorite show. "Oh yes, I love Michael Scholfield too! Have you watched Downton Abbey yet? What??? What did you think of the new Spiderman?" (With my mom inserting that she has no idea what we are talking about.)The one that laughs until she snorts or cries...Brazen and sassy around my family, this is the side of me only family and close friends get to see. This is the side of me I wish I could let out in public, but always seems to lock itself up around unfamiliar faces.

But if you met me at a dance performance you wouldn't recognize me. Confident, poised, witty, sassy. This is where I feel that I truly come to life. Dancing is where it all comes together for me, and wish I could feel like I am always that performer instead of the shy girl at the party... I would capture your attention and wouldn't care that you were watching. But this is the unfortunate part of my life that has disappeared.

If you met me... who would you meet?

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