Friday, September 28, 2012

Bloggiesta To Do List... Eek

This is my first time doing Bloggiesta, due to the fact that I have not been blogging for very long... SO it is with much trepidation and courage that I attempt to be apart of this world wide "blog improvement" weekend. Well and that my sister is co-hosting it and told me I must join in the fun... So here I am.

Here is my To Do List:
1.) Write more! Can this be a to do list item? I am going to say yes since I have only the meager 9 posts so far and the majority of you are book bloggers I feel I need to get more of that on here. It is not really a quantifiable goal... More? How much more? If you are thinking, "Megs, if you write once a month you will be writing more, you pathetic blogger you." You would be right, but I would like to set a goal of at least three times a week... This can't be done in one weekend, so you and I will just have to see if I truly achieve this goal by the next bloggiesta, si?

2.) Explore, make friends in the blogging world. I need to get myself out there, find more blogs/bloggers to follow, and visaversa. Again, is this a legit goal, do I really have control over this? Well I am doing Bloggiesta so that is a step in the right direction, verdad???

3.) I also just joined Twitter, so I would like to figure out how to more effectively use it to promote my blog and meet other bloggers like me... See how I am tying it back to my goal number two, mirame!

4.) Learn how to follow blogs... very necessary. Figure out how to use google reader.

My sister's To Do List for me:
5.) Get a picture for my header, my sister says my site is boring...

6.) Find gadgets to put on my blog.


8.) Figure out a challenge or two to do. Seems simple enough.

So now it's a party at Suey's, and it's time to get crack-a-lackin'
See you at the Twitter chat!

Oh, I thought of another one... 9.) Put some tabs at the top of my blog


Joy said...

I like your list! I did my first Bloggiesta shortly after starting my blog and it was really helpful for getting oriented in this world (if a tad overwhelming).

So, on Twitter, you asked which first? I suggest the challenge at Book Journey, since that will get you going on Item 2 of your list:

Have fun!

Joy's Book Blog

Megs said...

Thank you!!! Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

These are all great goals! Even if your sis did pick some out for you :) Since you're just starting your blog they all seem appropriate. I've been blogging a little bit longer than you and I still feel bewildered by a lot of it, so no worries. I'm not on GoodReads and I'm not really sure how it differs from Shelfari. Is it really necessary to have both, either/or? I have no clue. And if you're looking to make some blog friends I'm okay with that, too.

Kami said...

YOU BLOGGED!! I'm so excited!!

Megs said...

I know! I hope you don't fall over dead! Now I just gotta keep it up! You have done amazingly well!

Jenni Elyse said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! You jumped in right away, didn't you? No holds barred. Good for you! It took me a long time to get active in the blogosphere and on Twitter. I can't wait to read your stuff. :)

Jenny said...

That Suey sure is good at pushing people to blog, isn't she? ;) I'm actually glad for the push. I enjoy it immensely and soon you will too. Just you wait. ;)

Megs said...

I am actually the one that got her blogging, and then I left it and she just ran with it and became the expert. Now she is trying to get me doing it again... been struggle, but I finally caved. Thanks for the well wishes! I am excited to get active in this new way.

Suey said...

P.S..... time for another blog post! :)

Megs said...

I know, I know... Bloggiesta wrap-up will be coming tomorrow... somewhere between my run, canning grapes, and organizing my unruly room. Be excited!