Monday, December 3, 2012

Still Kickin'

As you can see, I am clearly a woman who sticks to her convictions and goals........ NOT. Ok I do to some of them, but for whatever reason, the blog has been, well for lack of a better term... a chore. Something I need/should do. And to be honest that is not what I want from this. UGH. How sad that most of my blogging experience recently has been "what do I want to do with this blog." I thought I knew when I start, but apparently not... There is just too much pressure out there! Stop it with the pressure people!

Ok, so I know you are not pressuring me. If anyone besides Suey visits I am sure the thought is, wow this chick is lame. Or, boring blog. NEXT.  So I am not really letting anyone down by my infrequent posts, and thoughtless pointless ramblings, except for maybe one person... two if you include me.

But I am here, and still alive (just in case you were worried). Brain function is still at a normal level... well for me. So to make this feel like an even semi worhtwhile post here are the things I was doing instead of blogging.

Watching season 3 of Downton Abbey. Yup I couldn't wait for it to air in the states so I used the facebook fan page to get it as it aired in the UK. People if you are as obsessed with this show as me, lets be friends.

Watching Revolution. I loved the idea behind this show, unfortunately the acting is a little meh. However Billy Burke is in it and he was my favorite thing about the Twilight movies. So yay for him.

Reading Mrs. Mike and Reached.

Saw Breaking Dawn. (hanging my head is slight embarrassment) Though I was surprisingly pleased with this one (maybe it's because I always expect the absolute worst). But still with the really awkward "love scenes", just stop already... awkward.

Went to MO, and moved my crap all there. WooHoo.

Went to Reached launch party. It was my second launch party! And it was lots of fun. Love hanging with Suey and Jenni Elyse!

Totally got into Dancing with the Stars this season. I think I am going to put "Dance with Derek Hough" on my bucket list. The guy is good. Seriously people!

Tried Zumba. Can I just say, my calves hurt for a week. LOVED IT!!!

Oh, and I got beat up by a couch. The bruises were AMAZING. Hey maybe I'll blog about it.

And I bunch of other stuff that I can't remember right now.

Aren't you so glad you dropped by?


Jenni Elyse said...

I love Downton Abbey! I haven't watched season 3 yet, though. My husband wants to watch it with me, so we're waiting until it airs in January. It's good, though. It'll give us three-hours of non-stop tv fun with The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, and 666 Park Avenue.

And, I'm so offended that you enjoyed hanging with Suey at the launch party, but not me. Hmph. See if I ever like hanging with you again. (J/K)

Look forward to more posts! (No pressure.)

Megs said...

So sorry! I will fix it right now!!!

Suey said...

LOL! And I was so impressed you had Jenni in your blog! Ha!

Okay, so what Zumba have you been doing? I had to stop because of my stupid shoulder, but I think I will try again and just do it one armed. That will work still, right? BUT.. I HAVE been walking every day! Almost, for a week and a half...while watching Parenthood. Add that to your list pronto. Oh my gosh. What a dramatic emotional show!