Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Walk... It's a Movie

Ok, I've decided I know it's a really good movie when I want to write a blog post about it IMMEDIATELY!

The Walk! Guys, Gals! Have you heard of it? I remember the first preview I saw of it... I swear it was a year ago. Maybe not, but it was forever ago. And it was really simple.

And I feel like that was it. There wasn't really much hype accompanying it. Why? I don't know, but this definitely deserved more hype. At least for me.  And it's not just because I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt (even though I do, I really do).  It was a great story, told extremely well, terrific actors, with great effects, beautiful music, wit and charm.

Joseph with blue eyes! Weird!

Plot Summary:
This is the true story about how a Frenchman, Philippe Petit, has the dream of walking on his high wire between the World Trade Center Towers. He calls this walk The Coup, because people say it can't be done, he is crazy, it's impossible... oh! and it's illegal. His friends he call his accomplices in his Coup. The Towers aren't completed yet, so they have to sneak up to the roof at the end of the day, hang his wire in the cover of night, and Philippe has to do the walk at dawn. At least that is the plan.

This is shown in IMAX 3D, 3D, and standard D. I am sure it was incredible in 3D, but I chose to watch it standard definition for fear of getting... height sick? It was simple cinematography, but it was beautiful.

I didn't really notice the soundtrack until the end when he was walking. But, oh my, it was perfect for his walk. These are the two I loved!

Overall Thoughts and Feelings:
I loved the story line, and how it is narrated through out. I love that during his walk, being afraid of heights myself, I was perfectly anxious and yet exhilarated. I didn't realize I was holding my breath until the credits rolled. I also loved the brief tribute to the Twin Towers at the end.

This movie is really about following your dreams. Philippe has a dream, and he is relentless in following his dream. (Cue "I have a Dream" from Tangled) He is unwaveringly optimistic and confident. There are two moments where he doubts his dream. My favorite is when he sees the Twin Towers for the first time. He climbs the stairs to the top. He balances on the beam hanging just a little off the roof and staring at that massive void separating the two towers, then looking down says, "I let myself whisper it. I whisper it so the demons won't hear, 'It's impossible!'... But I will do it anyway." I LOVE THIS LINE!!! His tenacity! How many dreamers have felt this way? It's Impossible. But then they do it anyway!  Did J.K. Rowling feel this way? Walt Disney? Neil Armstrong? Beethoven? I am utterly fascinated by the real life dreamers who overcome their "It's impossible," I admire their determination, will power, heart, and spirit. And that is what I felt this movie was really about. I will definitely own this movie someday. Go see it!

Here is a trailer with a little bit more.

And in case I over hyped it... it was awful... Go see it! ;)

Parental Warning:
There are naked bums. And some mild language. (At least that I noticed, but it is PG)


Suey said...

But wait... you didn't see it in 3D? Isn't that the WHOLE POINT OF THIS MOVIE? To feel like you are really there walking the rope? I think a person HAS to see it in 3D. You got gyped. Go back and see it in 3D and then tell me if you could handle the height scenes! Please!!!

Kami said...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt with a french accent? I'll watch it! I thought the girl was Winona Ryder, and I was like "she is in a movie!?" Then I looked it up, and it isn't her. Dang! I haven't even heard of this movie. Why? It looks thrilling.

Megs said...

Suey, I do want to see it again, so I will attempt the 3D. For your!
Kami, I LOVED Joseph in this! I thought the accent would bug me, but I'm happy to say it didn't! AND I am glad you think it looks thrilling. I almost didn't go because I thought I might be bored, and I so wasn't!