Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Is This Really an Option?

Browsing around Netflix, I was in the mood for a RomCom, so I perused some of the holiday titles, when I started to notice a pattern. A Holiday Engagement, Holiday in Handcuffs... do you know what these two movies have in common? That the women in these movies have a guy pose as their love interest, boyfriend, or fiancé. And for whatever reason, these guys go along with it, pretending to care about these women, and of course being forced into emotionally intimate situations. All for the sake of their families leaving them alone about finding someone to spend their lives with, or to gain their approval. And you know what happens? These guys end up falling for these desperate women!!! Happily Ever After... Really? But then I thought of a new movie that just came out this year... Love the Coopers, and it looks like Olivia Wilde's character does a similar thing... Really?

I started thinking of other movies that have similar plot lines, but not just Christmas time themes. Here are some I came up with... The Wedding Date, One Small Hitch, The Proposal, Pretty Woman, Green Card. I am sure there are even more out there, but this makes me wonder, have people actually done this that it is such a common story plot?

Then I start thinking a little more... Has this strategy actually worked for people? Is this a sound dating strategy? I mean, I am the only single female in my family, I have reached the ripe age of 30, the subject of my dating life or lack thereof is mentioned at least once during each family get together, blind date setups are offered constantly, and my desperate-o-meter is on the rise, is this a strategy I should consider? Approach a man I find attractive and seems to have everything going for him and proposition him in pretending to be my boyfriend and eventually he will fall desperately in love with me? Essentially, the thinking is if someone pretends to do something long enough they will  develop those feelings... Interesting... so you are saying I could get anyone to fall in love with me as long as I get them to pretend that they are for long enough... Extremely interesting.

... Where is Tom Hiddleston?

... though I don't think I can afford his usual acting salary... stupid teacher salary!

Man, I love Hollywood logic. (Also why if I ever had an acting husband, "Sorry Honey, tell your agent you can only do action and horror films now.")

Though I don't think this is something I could actually pull off because I can't even approach a man to have a conversation with me, let alone ask him to pretend to love me.


Suey said...

Awesome thoughts! And yes, I wonder if anyone has every done this. Kasie West wrote a a recent YA book about this too.. The Fill-in Boyfriend. Yep. I mean, I guess you could try it. Why not? But if you show up with a guy at Christmas, I'll probably be on to you...though I'm happy to play along, especially if you bring Tom.

Megs said...

You realize if Tom was at Christmas I would be rendered incapacitated mentally. Just the thought of it leaves me mostly speechless... (if you only knew how long it took me to come up with the word incapacitated!!!!)

Jenny said...

Lol! Your hilarious. I didn't get married till I was 31 and I was starting to consider hiring some guy to go to family reunions with me just to avoid the single remarks my family gave me. Whether it would actually work or not it sure makes for a cute movie/book idea.

Kami said...

Ha! I have noticed that same thing. It is a very popular story plot. Maybe you should try it!