Monday, January 18, 2016

Kdramas... I am Eating Crow

A little less than a year ago a friend told me she was really into Kdramas (Korean Dramas)... I began to worry about her sanity. She recommended that I should try them out and insisted that I would love them. With eyebrows doubting and slight eye rolls, I tried my best to politely say, "Yeah, no way, but thanks." I imagined anime, I imagined really bad acting Korean soap operas, I imagined it being extremely lame!

Then this same friend came to stay with me for Thanksgiving. (Maybe I should mention that we are kindred spirits, bosom buddies, and best friends... essentially, I would do anything for this chica.) So when asked if I would give Kdramas a try... just three episodes... I reluctantly said yes....

 A little over a month has now passed and I am utterly and irrevocably obsessed with Kdramas. I have consumed eight dramas. I've put away my foolish Kdrama prejudice, eaten crow, and doing penance for my harsh judgements by trying to K-onvert any and all that are willing to give it a try...

So WHY do I LOVE Kdramas SO much? Oh my... let's see if I can illuminate the addictiveness of them...

1. Maybe this one is not a huge reason for you, but it is for me. For the most part they are very "clean" entertainment. There aren't overly graphic sex scenes, which seems to be so rare nowadays. (If you have seen some the "teen" dramas nowadays I am shocked at what they show on TV, and especially direct at teenagers... it drives me a little crazy.) And girls are dressed fairly modestly, ok granted they wear some pretty short skirts, but I would rather have that than bosoms fairly overflowing out of blouses.

She Was Pretty
2. They usually have a very engaging plots with cliffhangers at the end of each episode. Some of the plot lines are a little outrageous, but at least they are fun. And this also adds to their addictiveness.

Lie To Me

3. THE ROMANTIC TENSION. This might seem weird if I also were to say that in 20 episodes you might only get 3 kisses, maybe 5 mutual hugs, a handful of wrist grabs that you just wish were hand holds. And I LOVE IT. The romantic interactions are so sweet and innocent, it just kills me. These little dramas are more romantic than those shows that have a sex scene once every episode. Every much a lesson in less is more! And when the couple finally kisses it's pure ecstasy.
Secret Garden 

4. You get to see your couple really grow... as individuals and as a couple. Over the time I watch a drama, I notice the characters become stronger, they mature, they grow. And the greatest thing is that when the couple gets together the show isn't over! They get to struggle together some. It makes me happy... It isn't, "oh, she got the guy and now life is hunky dory!" It's "Oh they are together, now let's see them work as a team... or not work as a team and struggle some... or lots." It's great!
Coffee Prince

5. This last reason is probably a very individual experience, pertaining only to me. These dramas restored some of my belief in the love story again. With the beautiful innocence that surround these kdramas, I could feel some of acidic cynicism being sucked out of my bitter and single soul. I couldn't help it. The repugnant stench of pure lustfulness and selfish wanton disguised as romance has abounded in American shows and movies, being slyly and gradually slipped into my life and tainting my expectations of love. I'm fairly certain that no one would ever want to rip off my clothes and devour me. But suddenly, watching these cute little shows I could feel my heart lighten in the simple expressions of affection. A kiss to the forehead. A piggy back ride. Getting medicine for someone who is sick. A brush of a hand. Making them lunch. UGH! IT WAS JUST SO DARN CUTE!!!! I COULDN'T HANDLE IT!!!!! The innocence and the sweetness... that is what I long for.... *sigh...

Therefore, a new obsession was born. And in the words of my family, my friend created a monster. It has taken over my life... leading me to a new Kpop obsession (more on that later) and beginning a study in the Korean language. (So really it has become a cultural study.)

Another reason I love this new obsession... If you find someone who is also into Kdramas, you are instantaneously best friends. Seriously... instantaneously. It's great. I love fandoms.

SO if you are willing to give it a try, I recommend starting with She Was Pretty. It is my current favorite. It's adorable, funny, frustrating, and wonderful. Give it at least three episodes... and after you are done we can talk about how much we love Reporter Kim! Man I wish he was real... really in my life...(I use and, they are like hulu)

Here are the Kdramas I have watched... If you have seen these, let's chat... or if you have recommendations, I am all ears!
Lie to Me (Loved... but it was also my first drama so it has a special place in my heart)
Faith/ The Great Doctor (Loved! Only one kiss but so many other great moments!)
Secret Garden (Loved! So funny! Very quirky)
Boys Over Flowers (This one just made me mad! But lots of people love it, it's like a rite of passage, but if you watch I will definitely have lots to talk about with you!)
Coffee Prince (Frustrating, in like a good way, but after the12th episode, one of my favorite couples!)
She Was Pretty (LOVED!!!! Favorite!)
Heirs (Another Lee Min Ho one... it was good, but I wasn't like WOW... I can't love them all)
Birth of a Beauty (Not done with this one, but this one has a bit of a dark plot... but I am enjoying)


Kami said...

HA! This cracks me up! Suey has been telling us of your addiction. Since I am Korean, I was naturally curious about these famous Korean Dramas, so I've watched a couple. I haven't finished any, but I've started a couple. They were hilarious, and I should probably go back and finish them.

Megs said...

Seriously, She Was Pretty is so great! I think you will want to finish it! I was compelled to continue them!

Jenny said...

Alright! You guys keep talking about these. Where can I find them?

Suey said...

And one of your reasons wasn't the hot boys???? WHAT??? Anyway, I'm having fun with this, I just hope it doesn't TOTALLY take over my life!!! :)

Suey said...

Jenny: I have a link on my Sunday post... I downloaded the app from and watch on my tablet. It's pretty easy as long as it doesn't hang.. which it does sometimes and then I just start over and find my place again. Some of them are on Netflix too!

Megs said...

Oh man! Jenny, I love them, Suey likes them... (Maybe loves them, I don't know yet), so you are probably going to not like them... which makes me sad...

Megs said...

And Suey, yes, the attractive men could definitely be another reason... *sigh* Report Kim, no one is as great as him... not even Siwon.

Kara said...

Hello fellow kdrama addict!! It's so nice to "meet" someone else who loves them. None of my real life friends do, so I'm just over here flailing by myself! :)

Lie to Me is cute! I like the first half better than the last few eps, they got a bit frustrating. But overall very sweet and funny!

Faith I LOVED!!!!! I can rewatch that one again and again and again.

Secret Garden surprised me. I wasn't sure about it at first, but it grew on me. I ended up really liking it.

Boys Over Flowers - nope. Nope, nope, nope. Sorry, but I couldn't make it through this one. Although I researched how it all went down and caught the highlights of the secondary romance....I forget their names? But she was the best friend of the main girl. I thought they were pretty cute! Especially at the end. :)

Coffee Prince, I haven't watched. I've heard good things, so clearly I should, right?

She Was Pretty, I liked this one a great deal as well! The romance was so sweet, although I felt horrible for her best friend. I was so, SO happy their friendship wasn't ruined!

Heirs, I read some recaps on Dramabeans and decided it wasn't one I was interested in. :(

Birth of a Beauty, I haven't watched it either.

Since you like Siwon so well, I recommend Oh! My Lady. I like that one a lot! The Princess' Man is quite epic and angsty, and the romance is fabulous in that one. I also recommend Pasta, Shining Inheritance, A Gentleman's Dignity, My Princess, Fated to Love You, Twenty Again, and Stars Falling From the Sky. But most especially? I highly, HIGHLY recommend The Masters Sun and Healer!!! Two of my absolute faves ever! :)

Megs said...

Don't flail by yourself!!! I'll totally do it with you!!! Oh my goodness! I am so excited to have another Kdrama friend!!!!!

I am so with you about Boys Over Flowers! I did finish with just the glimmer of hope, but mostly lots of yelling at the screen and many frustrated tantrums! But I am glad I watched it because it seems to be a staple in the Kdrama world, so now I get all the references. (But oh my gosh she is so stupid!)

Secret Garden... I loved the ending... it was adorable and imperfect and great!

Coffee Prince! YES! Watch it! I was nervous about this one, but I ended up being just utterly jealous of their relationship! THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!

Heirs, cute, but forgettable. (Though there is a great kiss and some pretty funny moments) Nothing like Faith!!! Again, completely agree, I could watch Faith over and over... It is one I would consider buying.

OH MY!!! Thank you for the recommendations!!! Healer and Oh! My Lady were already on my list, but didn't know the others, so I am stoked!!!!!

YAY!!! I loved "meeting" other Kdrama addicts! We will have to figure out the whole Twitter Party thing, because that would be AMAZING!!!