Sunday, August 14, 2011

Josh Groban Renders Me Croaky… and Bruised

There I was, about to embrace the reality that I was actually going to see Josh Groban in concert, and as I exclaimed my excitement to my sister, BAM!!! What in the world am I doing on the ground? Why am I in the splits? Wow, my knee really hurts! Yep, that’s right; I fell in the entrance to the Josh Groban Concert. (Proof I am willing to forsake my well-being to see Josh.) Graceful Megs, Graceful. If this was any indication of the rest of the night, it didn’t bode well. But no worries, the rest of the night was FANTASTIC! After an awkward clambering to my feet and an embarrassed inspection of my knee, my sister and I found our seats on the floor, wandered around, purchased my souvenir T-shirt, and anxiously anticipated the beginning of the show.

Have you ever noticed that anticipation has this ability to slow down time? (If scientists want to harness time travel, they should really study anticipation, I swear it’s the secret.) The half hour in between ELEW’s performance and Josh’s entrance was excruciatingly and tediously slow. Why is that half hour even necessary, Josh? It’s painful.

Finally, there he was, on the center stage behind us, and angels were singing… No wait, that was Josh singing! That pure melodic male voice! It does dangerous things to a woman’s knees, and mine were already weakened by the fall. I could try to describe Josh Groban’s concert to you, but there really are no words that do it justice. Incredible. Fantastic. Amazing. Wonderful. Remarkable. Marvelous. Mediocre words to describe that man’s astounding talents. He can sing, play the piano, play the drums, and is charismatic. He has this spontaneous wit as he interacts with the audience that has me laughing in my annoying giddy little girl giggle. If I wasn’t standing, I was sitting on the edge of my seat, tapping my toe, swaying to the music, and maybe drooling a little.

One thing I love about Josh is the dude can really sing. Nowadays, famous singers don’t really have to be able to sing, electronic mixing does it for them. There are so many who when you hear them live, you start twitching and cringing because they are pitchy and off key. Not Josh. He was spot on like always. Even with his running up and down the stage, aisles, and “gaps”, he is never breathy, but strong in his air support and energy. This concert wasn’t about gimmicks or special effects, but about Josh singing. I am in awe of this man’s gifts and talents.

My sister qualified my coming with her in that I had to be a true fan with her by screaming, clapping, and in exuberance. She had no need to worry about my exuberant screaming! Josh’s energy and skill had me being the scream-leader in the arena. She was surprised by how loud I truly could scream. I just wanted Josh to know I was having an unbelievable time ;). Especially loud screams erupted from me when he sang one of my favorites, Machine. AMAZING! By the end, Josh had rendered me a little croaky.

I only had a few regrets from the evening. 1) He didn’t fall madly in love with me by the end of the night. Really Josh, I would make a great girlfriend! I have done long distance relationships before and since I am a teacher I could tour with you in the summer. Plus, I am apparently very fun to tease, which you are good at. 2) He didn’t play Hidden Away. What’s up with that? I love that song and would have loved to hear it live, but oh well, I love you still Josh. 3) The night had to end. I wish I could go with him to every concert he does, because I don’t think I would ever get tired of listening to him sing. I wonder how I get the job of being his wardrobe mistress. I would rock that job! (plus that makes the whole girlfriend thing easier ;)

Star struck, thoroughly entertained, slightly drooling, groupie, Grobanite sighing off! Josh, you are not a hero, you are not an angel, but in my eyes you are!


ibeeeg said...

Hey there sister of Suey!
she sent me over here because I too am a Josh fan and I too drooled and scream and all that great stuff when I saw him last Tuesday night.

Your post rocked! Geesh, now I am embarrassed with the post I have planned. Ah well, mine will go up with less wit as yours. I hope that Suey tells you when it is up so that you can head my way to read what I thought of Josh.

By the way, I was really rooting for you to catch Josh's eye and to be his girlfriend. I told Suey that if you happened to snag him that I would be visiting her everytime that you and Josh worries though - I just wanted to stare and maybe talk, but mostly stare in awe. ;) lol

Suey said...

What a wonderful first post! Josh is so lucky! :) And an awesome picture too, ha! How's your knee?

What a fun night we had, huh? I hope there's a repeat not too far in the future.

Megs said...

ibeeeg- Thanks for the rally for me to catch Josh's eye. He was right next to my row when he asked for a single lady... so close! He would have to pick an 18 year old, but I am not bitter... And don't worry, I would share my Josh, as long I got to hold his and hand he sang to me!

Suey- Thanks!Why is Josh so lucky? As far as I can tell, he doesn't have me yet? My knee is still a little tender but fine. YES LET'S DO THIS AGAIN SOON!!!!

Drew said...

entertaining post, very well written, alright, alright

Suey said...

Josh is lucky to be the subject of your first blog post! Yes?

Megs said...

He would be even more lucky if he had me as a girlfriend. ;) I am so delusional!