Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Books I Want to Read

1. The Book Thief- I am currently reading it, but I forgot it at my parents’ house three and half hours away, and I WANT to finish reading it… blast that darn repacking forgetfulness!

2. Supernaturally- Just bought it last night… Oh please, yes!

3. The Help- One of those books I want to read before I go see the movie. Thankfully the movie looks interesting, so that is encouraging.

4. Divergent- My roommate read the entire book in one day, and highly recommends it. Ergo, I must read it to confirm its delightfulness.

5. Jane Eyre (again)- This was the first book I read where I felt that internal compelling feeling to find out what is going to happen. That invested feeling in the characters which makes you laugh, cry and get angry and want to throw book across the room (but immediately run to retrieve it to see what happens next). Yep, I want to relive that.

6. Matched- Was recommended by my niece, how can I refuse that?

7. The Fairy Thorn- A novel by my first favorite author from my teenage years that I have not yet read, therefore it is a must.

8. The Outsiders- A friend informed me that to maintain our friendship, I would have to read The Outsiders since it is her favorite book. Also my students read it this year, might as well join in the fun.

9. To Kill a Mockingbird- For some reason this book has been neglected in my life. While most people have read it somewhere in there high school career, my teachers decided to torture me with books like The Heart of Darkness, Grapes of Wrath, and As I Lay Dying. “Classics” that I really have no palate for. (Sorry to those who die in rapture for those books, I mean no offense. But I do feel sorry for you.)

10. The Secret Life of Bees- Again one of those movies that I wanted to read the book first, but it just hasn’t happened yet. Unfortunate, I know.


Suey said...

Awesome list of books. Let's do a buddy read of Divergent and Supernaturally, shall we? :)

Megs said...

Ok! Ready when you are!!!