Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sing Along Saturday: Fave Song From Genre

This week’s theme is: Favorite genre – what song do you love from the genre you listen to most?

Bookish Things & More... You are joking me right... you expect me to pick one genre and one song? [Look of utter disbelief.] You might as well ask me which cell is my favorite from the part of my body I use the most. Ugh! Why is this so hard??? Jinjja! 

But if we go with the genre that I am listening to the most RIGHT NOW, well all I can say is, you asked for it... BUT can I pick one??? 

[Maniacal laughter] 

No. Lower your expectations when it comes to my decision making skills. 

Shall we start with the cutesy one that I have been listening to lots this week... 
I just love this one SO MUCH. It's adorable, they are adorable, and it makes me happy... It's like the Kpop version of Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are and it is called Just Right by Got7. 

Next up... Fire by BTS. I have been watching this video nearly nonstop today (because it's not on Spotify yet, because the album was just released.) This song just makes me want to throw down! The beat is sweet and the dance is sick! Ugh! I just can't get enough of it right now. You get the dance practice version because I love watching them just dance without all the flashiness because they're pretty LEGIT... but you can check out the real music video, it's pretty sweet too.

And we shall end with the beginning. This song is one of my favorites, well because it was the first favorite in this genre... Ah, Spy by Super Junior... the song the launched a thousand beats of my heart, which has led to my semi permanent loss of sanity. And it doesn't hurt that my men look quite dashing in this video... Nope, doesn't hurt at all. 

And there you have it... SOME of my favorite songs... Songs I left out... Superman, Mamacita, Oppa Oppa, Growing Pains, Fantastic Baby, BANG BANG BANG, Follow Me, Peter Pan, Dope, Boy in Luv, Don't Tease Me, Mama... to name JUST a few. You really have no idea... 

What are some of your favorite songs? 


Suey said...

Good choices.. BUT.. dang I was going to use these too... well maybe Fire. Maybe I still will since you did the dance practice version.

Jenni Elyse said...

Suey showed me the top one yesterday at our Kdrama viewing party. I liked it a lot. And, she showed me the real video of Fire too because she wasn't sure I'd like the video. I thought it was cool. I hadn't seen Ah, Spy until just now. I like it. I've found that I really like the fast-paced KPop songs, but I don't really like the ballads too much.

Megs said...

I am not much of a ballad person myself... but once I know a group I tend love their ballads, but definitely isn't what hooks me! But now I do love most of Super Junior's ballads, they make me happy!

Suey said...

To Jenni: The ballads are definitely better after you "get to know" the group and/or guy because then you are just swooning all over the place when they sing a soft love song.